Streetpeeper at RAFW

Our favourite pair of RAFW tweets came from today’s BusiChic featuree

This week’s final spotty of workwear inspiration belongs to Phil Oh – the streetstyle photographer known as Streetpeeper. In Sydney to photograph RAFW streetstyle for Harpers Bazaar, we loved Phil’s creative take on Smart Casual. From his shirt/vest/blazer combo in matchy-match hues but tongue-in-cheek clashing patterns to a pair of red spotted socks peeping out from striped shoes – his ensemble shows a well-honed eye for detail and sense of humour. Scroll down to see what other detail you can spot!

Phil aka Streetpeeper

A bright red belt punctuates Phil's polished Smart Casual look and ties in to his playful socks..

Phil totes a Jil Sander original that’s handy for finding things when on the run. And as mentioned, check out Phil’s fun socks. Gents in more conservative environs- an idea of what to don on the inside for your own enjoyment 🙂

Don’t forget that you can check out Phil’s Streetpeeper here and in case you aren’t already; click these links to follow Business Chic on Bloglovin’ or Facebook to get your freshly-squeezed serving of workwear inspiration! Bon weekend!


  1. Love that anecdote… and now I know who it was he was reminding me of!!!

  2. Hi Cheryl! Thanks for your comment! I’m really sorry but I’m not really sure why my pictures show up on Bloglovin’ when yours don’t. I upload all my photos through flickr (old habit from my blogger days) and then paste the html code into my posts, maybe that would help you?

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