Today’s men’s business suit

Does size matter? I have been playing around with the sizes of images to achieve the optimal sharing of the detail in BusiChic ensembles. Is it getting too big? Would you rather being able to see a full image in your screen or are you happy to scroll down and review? What works for you? I’d love your thoughts so please share with me via the comments below, email, Twitter or Facebook !

Now on to the task at hand, a look at today’s business chic gentleman. I normally don’t try to photograph people at hometime as most won’t allow themselves to be interrupted in the business of ‘going home.’ Much thanks to the busy gent who posed for a moment allowing me to capture his Corporate style. Crisp suit, with layers that add warmth and sartorial schtick, also of note are the accessories that add colour and personality. Simple but well-executed grooming also get the BusiChic tick of approval.

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