A brisk walk

As the weather chills down, the pace of Melburnians quickens. I’m finding you lot harder to stop. I can’t blame you. It sure is cold. However some time ago, I managed to get this gent to stop for me long enough to photograph him. I don’t believe I managed to get down the details of his Contemporary Business Wear but hope that the photos provide inspiration enough for gents looking to stay warm and still look chic. From the striped scarf to the great bag to fabulous gloves, today’s BusiChic has got the accessories down pat for the brisk walk to and from work.

A well-worn satchel adds character to this Contemporary Business Wear look and is functional also.

Love how this beautiful watch peeks out from the prints of the shirt and jacket and leather glove. Great details.


  1. Love the satchel… and so nice to see a well turned out gent!

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