Baby it’s cold outside- oh look, a ferris wheel!

Today’s business chic ensemble is perfectly bundled up to ward off the winter chill. Tailor-made in Thailand, the timeless cut of Samantha’s coat (love the neckline!) caught my eye but was extra appealing as it is blue rather than being *just another black coat*. While black coats have their time and place, I love how Samantha’s coat contrasts with the warm colours of her vibrant her and choc-hued handbag. A look that gives Contemporary Business Wear ladies an idea on how to layer up to keep cosy.


coat I had this tailor-made in Thailand. You go in and just choose the pattern out of a book and the fabric as well. bag Coquette Red dress (not seen) bought from a store on Bourke Street, I forget the name. watch bought in Switzerland stockings Voodoo hosiery boots Ninewest

A timepiece that is both functional and tasteful bling, love.

Great workbag in a delicious hue that contrasts nicely with the cool blue of Samantha's coat.

A great pair of lace-up boots, I'd sneak in some ankle socks in between stockings and these babies for extra warmth...


  1. While I don’t own one myself, I do love a single-colour, simple cut coat – especially on a woman.

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