Classic workwear for the corporate gent

Welcome to a refreshingly new week of Business Chic! Allow me to introduce to you a crisp suit that impressed me not only in its looks but its composition of quality pieces the owner has picked up on his travels and incorporated with one of my favourite local labels, alpha 60, creating a timeless corporate ensemble.


coat alpha 60 suit and shoes Giorgio Armani shirt tailor-made in Thailand tie Sergio Alvajee bag Paul Smith (bought in Tokyo where they have a better range)

Impressive stripes

Love this bag

Invest in quality clothing and accessories that look the part, fit well and last the distance.

After a week of looking at fast fashion with its wannabe-style but ultimate lack of finesse in workmanship and materials, I believe it was the quality of Stephen’s ensemble that screamed out at me. A refreshing reminder on why I advocate quality over quanitity, every time and beseech you BusiChic to take the time to consider investing in this mindset also. As the BusiChic godfather advises ” they don’t have to cost a fortune however if you buy at ‘sales’.” I’d love your thoughts!


  1. This look is fantastic! I completely agree with quality over quantity. After years of using nylon bags I invested in a quality one from here – and it’s fantastic. The quality and craftmenship is excellent, and when I wear it I feel great too! I am in love with this tie too!

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