Right turn from left lane only

From my understanding, Melbourne is the only city where drivers need to master the art of the hookturn. This takes place when the driver wishes to turn right over the tram tracks. In order to do this, they must get into the left lane, drive to the middle of the intersection and sit there until faced with two red lights*; at which point they are able to finally turn right.
*Wikipedia says that the driver may turn when the traffic lights on the side they are turning into turn green…

Today’s BusiChic ensemble is far more straight forward. Work in a Contemporary Business Wear environment? For effortless chic, pop on a black dress, team with opaques and cinch in the silhouette with a patent leather belt. Ballet flats are a popular option for the commute but we also like Sarah’s mid-heel Campers. Pop on a warm winter coat in a classic cut, camel being a timeless colour and finally complete your look with functional but well-made accessories. et voilà! An outfit that is chic in the office and afterwork drinks!


coat Zara dress Satch belt Country Road jewellery Tiffanys shoes Camper bag Longchamp

A patent leather belt is a handy accessory to have on hand to cinch in voluminous dresses whilst adding a formal touch.

Love this bag by Longchamp - classic and well-made, it is a keeper that will last for years.

Some questions for Sarah
Favourite labels to wear to work: includes Scanlan and Theodore, Arthur Galan, Calvin Klein and Satch. I think with work wear, especially for females, it has become more flexible from your traditional suit and shirt. Suits are great because it becomes similar to a uniform. If you buy a couple of versatile suits, then you don’t have to think about what to wear in the morning. But most times, work isn’t so formal and you can still look professional and elegant very easily without wearing traditional work wear. Personally I love simple elegant pieces that are well tailored. I find keeping it simple allows you to easily transform an outfit for the office to after work drinks and dinner.

Publications that keep you inspired: I don’t have much time during the week to read a lot of publications. I do love a lazy Sunday reading the newspaper… I just came back from Paris and I fell in love with French Vogue. My French isn’t very good so I don’t understand what they are saying, but the outfits are gorgeous.

What do you have for lunch: I try to eat as healthy as possible so I try to eat yummy salads or Japanese for lunch. One of my favourite places for lunch include Tuckshop and Earl Canteen. My friends wife is a part owner of Tuckshop and they serve super healthy salads. Some of my favourite Japanese
places for lunch include Kenzan (GPO) and Purple Peanuts (Collins St). Also, I have become obsessed with Macarons since coming back from Paris and there is this small shop on Hardware lane called La Belle Miette…DELICIOUS!!!

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