Sneakin’ sneakers into workwear

Yesterday’s look at a chic chick wearing shorts to work prompted me to re-consider my stance on ‘never saying never’ to items of clothing. However, upon reflection unless I see a stylish gent with the chutzpah and creative work to allow it, I can’t see shorts working for men in the workplace. Thoughts?


jacket French Connection UK longsleeve tshirt Just Jeans trainers onitsuka tiger

Brendan keeps warm by layering simple basics under a classic blazer. Chic and easy.

Keep your sneakers nice for work-appropriate footwear with added comfort factor.

Similarly, today’s post got me thinking about the success of sneakers in the workplace for each of the sexes. Men with nice sneakers can wear them to work as Smart Casual or Creative. However, I’m yet to see a situation in which ladies can wear sneakers to work. It reminds me of team building activity days where faced with the challenge of “Smart Casual” dresscode PLUS having to say, run around the city, I’ve personally opted for ballet flats. Obviously I am in need of some lady-sneaker-inspiration, so please share your sneaker style if wearing these to the office is what you do!


  1. I’m a big fan of pairing nice sneakers with a smart casual or even slightly formal look. (Yes, I mean for men.)

    Classic sneakers or other retro style sneakers are a great choice when you want to go for it. I do it all the time myself. My favorite style of sneakers are either the more “classic” ones that can go with a look similar to this or super flashy sneakers. I’ve worn flashy sneakers to work on occasion, but usually in a very casual look.

  2. no deal – sorry sneaky! x

  3. Love the red stitching on the blazer button. Not a fan of that style of sneaker personally, but for most guys this is a great example of even what to wear on “casual” Friday if they work in a usually corporate environment.

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