The Übercreative

We close this week of Business Chic with the übercreative style of accessories designer, Shaune. Creatives have the blessing and the curse of utter freedom to dress how they please – whether it’s super sharp or very casual. I love how Shaune has opted for the former and put together a look that pays tribute to the moody greys Melbourne finds herself in but punctuated with fabulously detailed accessories. It’s the perfect ensemble for presenting herself as an accessories designer, what do you think BusiChics?


Shaune wears Lounge Clothing and shoes from the Aldo x Julian Louie collaboration

I love Shaune's fine-tuned execution of her look - perfect minimal make-up is heightened with zany touches of colour (note green eyeshadow) + fierce hair + bold frames.

Dark sombre layers are brightened with candy-coloured accessories that well- look like candy!

As a Creative, Shaune gets to wear mega shoes to work like these ones by Aldo x Julian Louie which certainly make a statement. Love.

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