Wearing vintage to work

An outfit post today, inspired by the 1940s styling of Mission 65 Fashion. Personally I wear a lot of vintage clothing as seen in this post and this one. So I thought I’d share my process for incorporating vintage into Contemporary Business Wear.

I am sure that there are more formal and stricter definitions, but I consider anything from the 1980s and earlier as vintage. Ideally it was handmade. For me this is where the beauty of vintage is; each item made by a careful pair of hands, you can really feel the attention to detail and care in every piece. Fast fashion may be fun but they sure do not make them feel as loved as they used to. Now, I recently attended the Love Vintage fair which was held in Melbourne for the first time. Here I came across a 1950s forest green wool dress and cardigan set from Coco Repose as can be seen in the image below.

1950s wool set from Coco Repose at the inaugural Melbourne Love Vintage Fair

Rather than wearing a full vintage look to the office, I like to add contemporary accessories such as the Jacinta bag by Belle Bijoux, fingerless leather gloves which are both functional (i.e. keep me warm but fingerless so I don’t have to take off my gloves everytime I need to pick up my phone or my camera – email me at info@businesschic.com.au if you are interested in securing your own pair) and handy to convert daytime looks to evening ones as can be seen below, as well as simple but comfortable work heels from dolce firme.

From workwear to afterwork; the difference a blazer makes.

All other accessories (brooch, earrings and necklace) in this ensemble are vintage but I found the petticoat in an op shop. To see social photos from Mission 65 Fashion, including me in this ensemble, check out this post by Stylus Muse.

| Love Vintage fair | Coco Repose | Belle Bijoux | info@businesschic.com.au | dolce firme |


  1. Love the long leather gloves! I haven’t ever seen a pair that are fingerless before. Really awesome idea! xx

  2. Fantastic post! Love your green dress! It’s beautiful:)

    So lovely of you to link to my blog! I look forward to seeing more of your stylish workwear:)



  3. Those leather gloves combined with your demure green dress is divine!

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