Come fly with me Mollini: balloons at work

Handy carry-bag, I like to keep one spare in my larger workbag for easy kicking on after work...

Lace-ups make for comfy and weather-appropriate footwear in winter with oodles of personality.

So I ran out of photographs of other people in wet-weather gear! Sadly there is only so much I’m quite willing to subject my camera to, however I hope that you enjoyed the above thoroughly water-proof edition of BusiChic – a creative Business Chic who was working on a Mollini promo in the CBD!

Wishing you a lovely weekend BusiChics, what are you getting up to?

Me, I’m going to sit back and have a think about whether I should be blogging daily or 3-4x a week as I’ve recently started doing. And I was thinking, if you like the content that I create and want to see more of it, could you help me reach some targets to encourage me?

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If I reach the target by the end of August then daily blogging will resume! What do you think of that?
x Cheryl.

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