Man on the street

Today, a shot I took recently of a classically dressed gent on his way to work… I’ve been debating whether it’s Mad Men or Man in Black or well, Blues Brothers! Scroll down and let me know what you think!

Black and white is a timeless palette.

Classic tie features subtle detail for added interest.

A reminder to all, keep your shoes shiny!

So what do you think of his look? And sadly I’ve lost the phone that contained the details of this gent’s ensemble, but should you wish to emulate his classic tie style in a lovely merino wool option, complete with tribute to the traditional custodians of our land, check out this his and hers woolen tie by emerging designer, hannmaid.

His & Hers tie by features subtly incorporated indigenous Australian design that is hidden under the otherwise corporate looking tie and for the enjoyment of the wearer.

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  1. Even though Tommy Lee Jones doesn’t sport any in the movie it is very MIB style with the facial growth, which is also why I don’t think it’s very Mad Men. The whole look isn’t clean enough for Mad Men. Maybe it is just the guy but it reminds me of MIB a lot. But would fit just as well in Blues Brothers.

    This is my kind of work style – although I don’t need a tie or a jacket, if I did, this is what I’d be going for.

    Such a simple classic look that can be dressed right up or down, like this, and look good no matter what.

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