Wearing Australian designers to work

Many of the Australian designers within my price range create pieces that lean towards Creative workwear. As such, when given the opportunity to throw out the Corporate dresscode and dress Smart Casual, I like to dress up rather than down to create a look that feels comfortable but which I hope looks more smart than casual. Afterall, we’re still in the workplace 😉


jacket Leonard St top nique skirt alpha 60 pendant – safari shoes green with envy doko

Less is more: a simple pendant neckklace sets off Roberta's Creative Smart Casual

Great detail on this chic winter jacket by St Leonards and perforated detail on Roberta's clutch/diary.

Which is why I much love Roberta’s ensemble. Comprised of Aussie labels like Leonard Street, Nique and Alpha 60, Roberta looks comfortable, chic and polished. A great ensemble for dressing up the casual dresscode that also translates well to play afterwork!

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