Blogopolis: Lady and the cream blazer

Today’s look at conference-chic highlights a trend I spotted: the cream blazer. Case in point, take a close look at the photo below showing the panel for Blogopolis Class 5:

The Panel for Blogopolis Class 5: Phoebe Montague (Lady Melbourne), David Krupp (Nuffnang), Nikki Parkinson (Styling You) and Arnold Aranez (Mr Gadget).

Did you see it? Both Phoebe Montague, aka Lady Melbourne and Nikki Parkinson of Styling You sport a cream blazer showing how versatile it is! And they weren’t the only ones! There were a number of stylishly nipped and drapped cream blazers working hard at the conference; adding a dash of polish without the overly formal weight that a black blazer can sometimes add.

Now let’s take a close-up at Phoebe Montague, aka Lady Melbourne.

Phoebe Montague (Lady Melbourne)

As a full-time fashion blogger, Phoebe gets to set her own dresscode which is Creative. As such she gets to sport fashion-fabulous items like the velvet leggings from KMART and anchor the whole look with a cut-out-detail shoe by Diavolina. The other pieces making up Phoebe’s conference-wear are a cream blazer from Forecast, shirt by Saint Lucie (check out this Lady Melbourne post showing more Saint Lucie), crystal jewelry by Samantha Wills and bag from asos.

Lady's got the details: accessories are the key to adding interest to any work ensemble. Lady-like bag is versatile while crystal jewelry adds a nice touch of bling.

On top of the cream blazer, those in more conservative environments may also wish to take inspiration from Phoebe’s hair (done herself with a Modiva wand – I think my work-hair-repertoire needs this now!), polished but fresh-faced make-up, lady-like bag by asos and layered necklaces over a smart shirt. I like how with her drapey cream blazer over preppy black blouse, Phoebe has in-fact given traditional black blazer/white shirt combination a modern twist.

Intricate footwear is perfect for amping up the Creative; although sadly not an option for those in conservative workplaces!

Phoebe shared lots of valuable insights in the session on Blogging: Editorial vs Advertorial – read the summary by Bree, The Blog Stylist, here.

Were you an attendee at Blogopolis? What did you think of Phoebe’s points and will you be taking inspiration from her conference style?


  1. Such amazing photos – you are so talented! Thanks for the shout-out ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Lady M looks divine! Loving the ring and her nails!

  3. Blame me for being a guy or a geek.. I rarely noticed what everyone was wearing!! ๐Ÿ™ shame on me

  4. Dear Cheryl of the magical lens,
    How you manage to take such amazeballs photos is beyond me but lets just say I’m filling these away under ‘what to show the grandkids when you are saggy one day.’

    Fabulous to see you and even nicer to share a panel with Nikki of the cream blazer brigade ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. I loved that I ended up in the same blazer as Phoebe. She’s such a gorgeous girl. I have a girl crush on her style.

    • Yup there was totes lots of girl crushin’ at Blogopolis! I think that you are both gorgeous and a shame I didn’t get a change to photograph you too Nikki; next time I hope!

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