Blogopolis: The Pink Hair Ladies at the conference

Normally when I am at a conference for day job as an auditor, a quick glance around the room will show an abundance of grey; grey hair and grey suits. Which is why I was much tickled when I looked around the weekend’s Nuffnang bloggers’ conference I attended and spied some pink!:


This led me to scouting out the pink-haired ladies at the conference, of which there were at least four; however only two were on Twitter to see my call-out! et voila!

Pink-haired ladies at Blogopolis 2011

Marita of Stuff with Thing wears a black long sleeve shirt from KMart while jeans and short sleeved shirt are ‘Moda’ from Target.
Violet of Violet LeBeaux wears a coat from Target with a trim that she’s added herself to achieve her super kawaii (Japanese for “cute”) look. Her dress is by Jesus Diamante, floral shawl from Forever New and shoes from Bodyline.

Marita of Stuff with Thing

Marita is a mama blogger who blogs about life with autism in her blog Stuff with Thing. I love that her pink hair was her response to “getting fed up with all the drab grey in Melbourne.” Ace!

Violet Le Beaux

A Graphic Designer by trade, Violet blogs about her cute and crafty projects at Violet LeBeaux showing how to do awesome on a budget!

Close-up of the detail that makes up Violet's uber-cute look

Violet has her look down pat with this super kawaii (cute) shoes!

Natasha Hughes from The Age caught on to tweets about the pink hair trend at Blogopolis and wrote this piece which also features a photo of Violet that was taken by a third pink-haired lady, Danielle of DaniMezza (who regrettably was too busy photographing the conference for me to photograph her pinkness!). Some of the comments to Natasha’s post made me think about how far we can go with fun-coloured hair in the workplace. For instance, thinking about my time in conservative workplaces, I wonder why it seems that it’s more ok for someone to have a poorly done bottle blonde/brown/black/red job than a well done instance of pink! What do you think? and Do you or would you dare rock pink hair in the workplace?


  1. Ace! Sadly some workplaces are still waaay behind on hair styles and tatts. Boo. So many of the awesomest people I know are brightly coloured. x

  2. Thank you so much for the post! Hahahaha you can see how hungry I was at the time in my eyes XD The comments on The Age article made me laugh so hard, I really think it’s all about the people you work with and your ability to explain why what you do is an acceptable form of expression. I’ve worked in some *very* conservative corporate environments and when I actually took the time to sit down and discuss my fashion choices with people they were either fine with it or we found a compromise 99% of the time so I suppose it’s all about education and communication. So long as it doesn’t effect your work then who cares? In some jobs my fashion actually helped me because people would *want* to talk to me and ask about it, hell of a conversation starter 😀 Go the pink hair brigade!

  3. I’ve been working in the office at my daughters primary school. The kids all love my hair, although I do get some double takes from adults who’ve not seen it before. One elderly gentleman even asked me what my father had said when he first saw my hair. As my father has not seen it yet I was unable to give the elderly gent an answer.

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