Blogopolis: Jeroxie represents the food bloggers

Going to a conference that doesn’t have a dress code ao you are allowed to wear, anything? Sometimes this laissez-faire policy can be daunting. For example prior to the bloggers’ conference I attended, I seriously debated whether I could get away with attending in my PJs. Goodness knows how many of my blogposts are written whilst in them!;) Which is why food blogger, Penny of was a perfect study in casual comfort with requisite primp in the right places to keep her look conference-appropriate.

Penny aka Jeroxie

Penny’s creative casual wear is comprised of a tunic from Skyroom Singapore. grey top and tights from Uniqlo (picked up in New York), Boots which she can’t remember who they are by but are “The first pair of boots I bought in Singapore before I moved over to Melbourne about 13 years ago!” and the ring – Mum bought Dad this ring about 30 years ago from Larry Jewellery in Singapore.

Penny's conference wear is Creative and casual albeit stylishly so.

Penny did not speak at Blogopolis but about this time last year she came and prepared a meal for my housemates and me when we were launching our eco-tourism project, now known as THE ACEFANTASTICS at the State of Design Festival last year! The clip below shows it all:

What do you think of Penny’s creative casual conference wear?


  1. Thanks for the photos babe! Man, I need to learn how to pose better. Come to Singapore with you…. I bet you will love it but you also need to endure the humidity.
    And Gosh! I miss that video. Will you do it again?

    • Oh Penny, I think you look great – thanks for allowing me to share your conference style with BusiChics! Eeek I had not thought about humidity, good point! However a quick stopover feed and shop might be in order;)

      Yes much fun living on display in the arkIT house – no plans in the foreseeable future but I did grow quite attached to the place so if an opportunity ever arose…! xx

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