Blogopolis: What Mr Gadget wore to the conference

Arnold Aranez is the tech blogger behind Mr Gadget, one of the speakers at Nuffnang’s blogging conference, Blogopolis 2011 and the sole gent whose conference-wear I photographed! That gets an exclamation mark from me as I’ve found the conferences I usually attend for my dayjob are predominantly men; so it was interesting to be in a environment where the trend was much reversed. Now without further ado, let’s get to Arnold’s ensemble>

Arnold aka Mr Gadget

Arnold mixes Ralph Lauren Polo with zara menswear for a polished take on Smart Casual. What makes this look charming is the layering of textures: the tweed vest and blazer, cotton scarf by H&M as well as the matching tones of blue and shades of caramel.

Arnold's polished take on Smart Casual is also fitting for those in Creative workspaces.

Arnold shared his blogging insights in two sessions: Class 1: Tools Of The Trade and Blogging: Editorial vs Advertorial – those links are to summaries by the Bree, The Blog Stylist.

What do you think of Arnold’s conference style?

PS: I filmed an interview with Arnold using FlipCam but need a new tool to edit the footage; Windows Movie Maker keeps crashing on me! Any recommendations for me on video editing software? Thanks in advance!


  1. LOVE these pics and this layout for details.

    Also, excellent choice of subject. Sartorially excellent, clever and generous with his knowledge. Five Stars.


    p.s. I cannot wait to hear what the @Mr_Gadget followers have to report on your editing question! Superb placement.

  2. Cheryl, thanks making me smile this morning. As a tech blogger, it’s more the tech that I use that gets noticed and not what I’m wearing!

    Love the idea of this blog too.

    In regards to video editing in Windows, I also recommend using Sony Vegas. I believe you can get a 30 day trial version. Can I also suggest, considering what you’re doing, that you consider going Mac? I did in 2009 (after 2 decades of Windows and BSOD) and won’t go back anytime soon.


    P.S. I’ll get you one of our superb leather cases ( to review in the next week or so.

    • Hi Arnold!

      It was great to finally meet you; my mum recently used your site as a resource to purchase her new Samsung Galaxy S2! Dad just got me a new acer hence why I’m still PC although I am much intrigued and might try organise to play on a mac…

      While I think other menfolk at Blogopolis were dressed fine for their niche, always nice to see a gent exercising some sartorial flair also. Thank you and very much looking forward to sharing the aranez KANGAROO leather love with BusiChics!

  3. Samuel Webster says

    I use Adobe Premiere CS5 for editing on the PC – might be a good option for you?

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