Busy at Blogopolis

So it’s been a week of what others wore and thought about at the Nuffnang bloggers’ conference, Blogopolis 2011. Here’s a look at what I wore and some of the lessons I’ll be taking away… First off the outfit.

What I wore to Blogopolis

I’m wearing a vintage frock from AGAIN Recycle – my go to for vintage clothing in Melbourne for pieces I don’t feel bad cycling in! My bag is by Belle Bijoux and my fingerless leather gloves are the first in line of BusiChic accessories I’ve been working on. My boots are from Sportsgirl, I bought them to wear to Groovin’ the Moo some years ago now but they make for handy billboard space to promote my Twitter handle! Geek chic, non?

Some of the details in my conference wear

Here are my thoughts on what I learnt from nuffnang’s bloggers conference – if you’d like to see fuller notes, click on the session title links which will take you through to summaries put together by Bree, The Blog Stylist who impressively live-blogged the entire day- Thanks Bree!

Class 1: Tools Of The Trade
Speakers: Nicole Avery of Planning With Kids, Michael Aulia of Craving Tech and Arnold Aranez of Mr Gadget.
First off the bat, Nicole Avery set the tone for me for mummy bloggers. I haven’t read parenting blogs much in the past as it’s not relevant to my lifestyle at this stage but I was so impressed by Nicole’s knowledge and presence that it has inspired me to look more into this area. Things I learnt from this session:
-Nicole talked about making it easier for readers to stay engaged with your site, namely via RSS feeds. In recent months I’ve fixed up the Business Chic RSS feed so do subscribe if you’d like updates in your reader of choice!
– Nicole also talked about newsletters and I already use the mailchimp service which is what Nicole uses herself. To see what the BusiChic Bulletin looks like, subscribe here!
– thanks Michael Aulia for tips on how to compress images to improve website performance. I’m not sure of how quickly/slowly BusinessChic takes for BusiChics to load but I’ll be looking more into this to improve speedy hits of workwear inspiration!
– Arnold Aranez shared tips on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). I’ve been hoping that visitors to Business Chic would grow organically but improving the SEO in my posts will help search engines recommend BusinessChic more for those looking for ideas on what to wear to work, whether they be shorts in winter, tutus or hats!

Class 2: Blog Photography
Speakers: Danielle Melnyczenko of Danimezza, and Minh Giang of Eat, Show & Tell.
Some nice refreshers on lighting and I loved Minh’s point regarding the lenses she needs for photography. When asked why she does not have a zoom lense in her kit, she responds, “I’m photographing food, it’s right there in front of me, it’s not going to run away; it’s up to me to get in there to get the shot.” Love a blogger with humour!

Class 3: Improving Blog Content
Speakers: Christie Burnett of Childhood101, Susan Thye of Chocolatesuze and Nikki Parkinson of Styling You.
One of my favourite sessions of the day, full of good things but namely inspiration for me from mummy blogger Christie who talked about blogger burnout. In short, I’ve realised that I do not need to blog BusinessChic everyday. So going forward, I’m going to try restrain myself to share the chic at a slower and more sustainable pace. I’ll also be featuring some guest posts from some pretty special bloggers who have great ideas on things like grooming in the workplace. Win!
– Susan, thanks for a reminder on blogging in one’s personal voice. Something I’m still finding a balance with; setting a friendly but professional tone for Business Chic – I’d love your thoughts on this!
– Nikki, the very inspiring journalist-stylist-blogger had me running home to download the WordPress Editorial calendar so that I can plan and schedule posts in advance – I love tips on how to organise better so this is so helpful! Nikki also expressed the importance of showing ourselves in our blogs so dear BusiChic, going forward I’ll be sharing more of my personal work style as well as inspiration from around the interwebs that keep me inspired in the office!

Class 4: Working With Brands
Speakers: Andrew Hughes of Reprise Media, and Jaclyn Ely of Ikon Communications.
Some insights from the companies looking to work with bloggers to broadcast the message of their clients. Some clients will have specific demands… Interesting considering that Business Chic has a lot of potential for advertisers but solidified for me how fiercely protective I am of the integrity of the blog. I’ll only ever promote products and brands I use personally or would recommend to others (i.e. menswear!) and in a way that I feel is a good fit and of interest for BusiChics!

Class 5: Editorial vs. Advertorial
Speakers: Nikki Parkinson of Styling You, Phoebe Montague of Lady Melbourne, and David Krupp of Nuffnang and Jeff Tan of iProspect.
Lady Melbourne (whom I photographed here) shared the most salient point, that as bloggers we should value ourselves and be paid for our talent. Nikki from Styling You talked about the difference between the Marketing department and PR. The former has budget to pay and sponsor; the latter are responsible for getting free publicity. Business Chic has been happy to receive product from PR for giveaways but will naturally be investigating Lady Melbourne’s comment how nuffnang help her get paid for her work showcasing products she uses and loves. Also props to Lady Melbourne for being fiercely protective of her readers; respect!

Class 6: Blog Branding & Marketing
Speaker: Darren Rowse of ProBlogger
Darren is the professional blogger who casts a shining light for the rest of us.
So many great points but the one he left us with comes courtesy of his son – “tell the world something important.” The aim of BusinessChic is to empower busy workers to take control of their visual branding and showcase ourselves in the best light. 70% of face-to-face communication is visual but BusinessChic is not about being the prettiest or the shiniest, it’s about having some self-respect and starting the day feeling great and showing that which I think just has positive outcomes for everyone you work with which can only bring about more good things.

Class 7: The Australian Blogosphere: Past, Present & Future
Speakers: Candice Deville of Super Kawaii Mama, Darren Rowse of ProBlogger, Eden Riely of Edenland, and Helen Yee of Grab Your Fork. Moderated by Nicole Avery of Planning With Kids.
Eden Riely of Edenland is my new blog crush – check out her blog for an inspiring but real and funny voice from this fabulous Australian mummy blogger about to represent her country at the world’s largest women’s blogging conference, Blogher!
A panel of inspiration for the future of Australian blogging. Candice (photographed here) made the point that your brand is you and that to be authentic and sustainable it well, needs to be you! The greatest point however for me came from Darren of ProBlogger to share and help promote fellow bloggers… the way I see it or in the words of musician Ben Lee, “we’re all in this together”

Phew! Long post and just a tip off the iceberg! I’ll be updating this post with links to the aforementioned bloggers. For full summaries, again check out Bree, The Blog Stylist and for the look at all of the Nuffnang Blogopolis conference fashion I photographed, click here!

What do you think of the points I learned above? Anything you’d highlight or think that I’ve missed? Did you go to Blogopolis? I’d love to hear from you!


  1. That colour looks gorgeous on you Cheryl.
    This round up was perfect for someone like me – interested but time-poor!

  2. Thank you AGAIN for your very kind shout-out! Big hugs! xo

  3. Great outfit and great summary post Cheryl! Sounds like it was a fantastic event:)



  4. Cheryl, it was so nice meeting you at the after party! Your blog-branded boots were fabulous 🙂

  5. I want those gloves!!!

  6. Sounds like you had an amazing time!
    I love, love, love that shade of pink on you – it’s beautiful and dusty, perfect!


  7. I love your boots, it seems very comfortable, and it’s also very cute. Your necklace is so colourful. I think it’s a vintage necklace, isn’t it?

    • Boots are very comfy indeed, thank you. The necklace is actually made up of pendants and a brooch from travels -my own plus family and friends:)

  8. I absolutely adored what you wore that day! And am looking forward to your new accessories line soon too. From the fingerless gloves I see, I’m guessing your collection would be versatile and tres chic!

  9. You looked amazing! Love those gloves, the bag. Love your style!

    • Thank you Nikki, I love your style back!

      • I thought I’d read this post! (I do my reader reading late at night in bed with my iPad!!). And I met to say in my comment, I would love to see more of your outfits as well as the people you photograph. The very fact that you feature so many different kids of people, allows us to connect with your blog because they are “real” people!

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