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Melinda Ayre is The Beauty Hunter - sharing her tips for BusiChic grooming!

Melinda from Beauty Hunter returns with this post for business chic blokes, jam-packed with advice and recommended products for achieving high marks in polished grooming!

How does an ordinary bloke stay cool, calm and carefully groomed in the office till overtime?

Here are four ways to get slick and sharp for that climb to the top!

1. Clean skin
Cleansing is the foundation of good-looking skin – but so many men skip it. Cleansing clears out pore-blocking grime, opens up pores to enhance the absorption of moisturiser and softens facial hair ready for shaving. You’ll be the hottest bloke in the office before you know it…

Try: Kyoku for Men Daily Facial Cleanser, $33 (pic 1), this brand new cleanser has oat straw extract to unclog pores plus ginseng, camellia leaf, peppermint and calendula to kickstart skin cell regeneration for clear skin. Available from

2. Moisture management
Men’s skin is different so don’t steal your girlfriend’s face cream. Men have thicker skin physically (and emotionally) so a specific moisturiser for men that actually penetrates deeper is required. Moisturised skin is going to age slower and look a hell of a lot better in years to come.

Try: Manage Your Skin Daily Moisturizing Fluid, $145 (pic 2). This exceptionally light and rapidly absorbed anti-ageing fluid infuses skin with natural Marula oil and Glycamon Compound to boost skin’s defense systems.

3. Razor sharp
A clean shave for the office is classic, fresh and will make you look years younger. A daily, close shave can be tedious but with our hints you’ll be super sharp in no time.

Sharpen up: It might seem obvious – but use a sharp blade. The general rule of thumb is you’ll get about five shaves per cartridge – so toss those blunt razor cartridges out. After every shave rinse blade in hot water to prevent build up of gel and hairs to keep it super sharp.

Different strokes: “Use light, gentle strokes when shaving,” says Gillette Shaving Expert Lesley McGrath. Don’t start at the cheek and finish at the neck in one stroke. There’s too much room for error and you’ll cut yourself. “A razor with multiple blades and a suspension system will move over the contours of your face comfortably for much less irritation.” We love: Gillette Fusion ProGlide Manual, $13.99, (pic 3)

Gel together: Don’t be shy with shaving gel – McGrath recommends piling it on. “Water is the essential softening agent but the water absorbed by hair quickly evaporates, leaving the hair in its original rigid state. A good shave gel provides a protective blanket.” Shaving gel will keep your beard soft for the duration of the shave and reduce friction between blade and skin for a smooth glide.

Try: Sharps Kid Glove Shave Gel, $21.95, an oil-free, botanical, transparent gel. Visit

Brush up: It might seem old-fashioned but a shave brush lifts up facial hair for a closer shave. It also evenly disperses the cream and gives a luscious lather. Try: Baxter Blue Badger Hair Shave Brush, $10 (pic 4). A durable, 100% natural Badger hair brush for the best lather. Visit

4. Hair apparent
Good hair on a man requires regular maintenance, a versatile cut plus undetectable hair product. Try these two looks for the office, hot off the runway:

Mad Men Slick
A fifties style slick back with lightweight gel is the style of the season – debonair and doable.

– – Finger through styling gel into towel-dried hair.
– – Use a comb to slick hair into a neat side part.
– – Work the comb away from the part and blend strands back into the hair.

We love: Aveda Men Pure-Formance Firm Hold Gel, $39.95,

The office shag
Pulling the bulk of your hair forward into a messy, textured style is easy and gives an undone edge.
– – Prep hair with a good, thickening shampoo.
– – Use a volumising mousse or spray and let air dry, fingering hair forward from the crown or alternatively blow-dry it forward.
– – Use a matte finishing paste to create shape and texture. Work the product in from back of head to the front and keep piecing out strands pulling a fringe forward and to the side, until you’re happy with the style.

We love: Kusco Murphy Man: Street Model, $24.95, an organic matte texturising cream that washes out easily. Visit

Many thanks to Melinda for sharing her skincare and grooming tips for business chic gentlemen!

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