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Do it in a [school] dress

Will you DO IT IN A DRESS?

Dearest BusiChic,

Regular readers of BusinessChic may recall that I photographed some folks to raise awareness about One Girl Org’s Do it in a Dress campaign.

One Girl is a Melbourne-based team of awesome folk who want to support 1,000,000 girls through education by 2020, believing that Educating a girl has a multiplier effect. Invest in a girl, and she’ll do the rest. Over the weekend I had the chance to photograph men and women in school dresses for One Girl’s campaign DO IT IN A DRESS. The Do It In a Dress campaign asks everyday folks like you and me to do it something you do as normal but IN A SCHOOL DRESS! The ideas is for family and friends to donate to the cause which raises the funds needed to send girls in Sierra Leone to school.

Now I am getting on board and doing it in a dress, myself!

That's me hard at work (at Hub Melbourne- entrepreneurial space, not my Real Life Job!) customising the school dress I'll be wearing if you donate to the cause!

Find out more and donate a dollar (or two)!

To find out why I’m getting on board, please visit my Do it in a Dress fundraising page!

Some snaps of me doing it in a dress so far!

At Melbourne Spring Fashion Week with fashion blogger, Fashion Hayley

Donating blood at the Red Cross Blood Service

Moving house and assembling my dining table in a dress!

Want to get involved?

Donate to my efforts OR Do it in a Dress yourself by registering here!
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Please support me doing it in a dress!  by donating here 🙂

Here’s a little clip that Do it in a Dress co-founder, Dave Dixon, made of me and fellow Dress-er Oli Sansom doing it in a dress for this article for City Weekly!

x Cheryl aka busichic

Other Busichics who are doing it in a dress! – If you do sign up, please let me know so that I can spruik your efforts also!

Bryony Cole
Bryony is a partner in crime of mine and agreed to Do it in a Dress when giving a presentation for her work with Yammer!

Donate to Bryony's effort at

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Blokes can Do it in a Dress too!
Donate to Dave who is running a half marathon in a school dress or register here to join Dave and the blokes in the bar!

Blokes can do it in a dress too!

And lastly but not the least, one of the co-founders of the Do in in a Dress campaign, Chantelle Baxter
An inspiring woman who is putting the “fun” in “fundraising”, read about Chantelle’s adventures in a school dress, here!

Co-founder of the Do it in a Dress campaign, Chantelle Baxter

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Do It In A Dress | One Girl Org on TwitterSupport me! |

Want to know more? Read this story about Kadiatu, one of the recipients of a One Girl scholarship.

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