GASP: the viral email and a plea to Meet the Maker

A frock from GASP on the Brownlow 2011 Blue Carpet source: The Australian

A different post of sorts today because yesterday I got an email from a friend that went viral such that it was a story on online newsites by the early afternoon and the headline story on current affair shows by the evening.  Personally this was my first taste of a viral email.

You can read the email that one potential Gasp customer forwarded to her friends yesterday here on writer, Lou Pardi’s personal blog. The mother of the email recipient has even left a comment there!

Now I liken the Gasp email to that scene in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts’ prostitute character is snubbed out of a stuffy upmarket store… only the situation here is slightly warped 😉 But as Fashionising editor, Daniel P Dykes, points out this PR disaster is not likely to impact on Gasp’s bottom line. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I think this is because Gasp’s target market is the kind who don’t really care about the welfare of others as long as they get the outfits that help them achieve their desired and I quote, “dead flamingo” style…

Do read the relevant emails if you haven’t already; I must say that I was positively tickled by some of the more humorous points in Gasp’s email. However at the core of it all, I was appalled by their treatment of the customer. And it makes me wonder how the company treats others, like say, the makers of their clothes…

Which brings me to another piece that I read yesterday: Ethical Clothing Australia’s Meet the Maker campaign that starts next month. Clothing companies like the very fabulous Ginger & Smart make the effort to treat their makers well. In this fragile age of retail, I’d love if we consumers started supporting and encouraging the businesses who make well-designed clothing and treat their makers and customers decently.As a working woman myself, I know that I appreciate having decent- heck great working conditions and treatment and want to support the businesses who provide that.

If you feel the same, please comment on or share this post! Or tell me what you thought of the Gasp email and whether it will affect your decision to shop there..


  1. I totally agree with you’ve said and I also do think that what went on – the viral email, the tweets, WILL affect GASP’s bottom dollar. Why? I’d be hard pressed to see any celebrities – whom I think they are apparently targeting, would want to wear their label, having heard and seen for themselves the fiasco their service or rather LACK thereof has caused. I know I’m not their ideal customer, and neither would I want to be. But, with social media being so quick and easily reachable, this piece of news WILL get to those who actually buy their stuff. And I really do hope they will care enough to NOT buy from GASP. Like you, I only support brands that have great work ethic and give great service regardless of who the person is.

    • Hi Norlin, thanks for stopping by and how I hope that you are right. With there being increasing talk that this is a publicity stunt, I’m reminded of what I believe might be a quote, !no-one ever lost money under-estimating the intelligence of the masses.” 🙁

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