MSFW | Men in Suits

Men in suits – a look that is great all year ’round when blokes get it right!

A business chic gent I photographed during MSFW at the obus party (held afterwork).

I’ve misplaced the details of the business chic gent I photographed at the obus party (which I featured here on It’s a tricky thing to kick on straight to a fashion event after a long day at work but I think that the blokes who get it right are the ones who try and look as fresh and uncreased as possible… what do you think?

And now onto to the looks from MSFW that I thought worked well on the runway that might provide some spring-spiration for blokes in the workplace:

Dom Bagnato

Squint and you'll see the same bloke as in the image above but here in a smokin' suit from Arthur Galan AG

Jack London

Leopold - also inspiration for those blokes who walk to work in sneakers: here's how to make your sneaker look more stylish and less sneaky...

What do you think of the assembled ensembles for blokes who have to don a suit in the springtime? And does anyone else find the contraasting orange stripe on the Arthur Galan AG navy suit particularly smart? And what are our thoughts on sunglasses and suits? I think that the pairing is inevitable as there is sun glare all year round and particularly like the pairing at Jack London – what do you think?

Featured MSFW designers: Dom Bagnato | Arthur Galan AG | Jack London | Leopold


  1. Dan, thank you for your comment and good spotting re tie length as I believe the same! However I often aske busichic gents to pull up their ties so that I focus on their belts 😀

    And while I hear what you are saying re these being “accountant” looks, I think that it is important and the role of BusinessChic to show what choices those in conservative environments have;)

  2. Your friend at the obus party needs to tie his tie just a fraction longer – or slouch more. Needs to hit the belt buckle, or so I was always told. It looks pretty accountanty for mine. Not really breaking any barriers, or seeing anything that I haven’t seen in the last 5-10 years.

    But I guess we are talking menswear here. Nothing really changes except the colour of the shirts and the ties. 😉 I don’t mind the look in the Leopold shot. They do great stuff. I actually have a Ben Sherman shirt similar to that one that’s about 3 years old. Might have to pull it out again! Shame I don’t have the blue suit to go with. And where is his belt? *shakes head*

    I guess even I don’t get super excited about corporate corporate menswear!! I just like to find a great fitting suit that won’t break the bank – same with shirts. And preferably with shirts, not something everyone else is wearing.

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