We Don’t Care | The Fashion Fund Market at Federation Square | September 24

A group of Generation Ys have start up a not-for-profit group called, We Don’t Care (WDC) Inc. The aim of the group is to engage fellow youths to plan and execute events to benefit local charities. I was invited to attended the media launch last week to learn more about their upcoming and premier event, The Fashion Fund Market which will be held next Saturday (September 24) at Federation Square. Held in the Grand Ballroom of The Windsor Hotel, the calibre of the business sponsors involved cemented the fact that this group is doing some impressively good stuff. Their first event aims to support the ongoing issue of homelessness in Victoria.

Sam Goh of We Don't Care with stylist and contributing Fashion Editor, Elaine Marshall.

In hindsight, I’m a little embarrassed that my first tweet from the event was about the cheese on offer but as it was donated by Farmgate Cheese; props on the cheese, particularly on a stellar blue that was paired with cranberries!

Farmgate Cheese was one of the stellar sponsors of the Fashion Fund Market Media Launch

What I was particularly impressed by was the exhibition that will be running alongside the Fashion Fund market at Federation Square: I have a Name. A beautifully-made documentary meeting some of Melbourne’s homeless; I highly recommend that you make sure that you take a moment to hear the story of some of our men and women on the street.

Must see: the exhibition, titled ‘I Have A Name’ will also be on show at Federation Square.

And now to introduce the folks behind We Don’t Care:

David Goode and Matthew Sim of We Don't Care

Young Victorians Samuel Koh, David Goode and Matthew Sim, who are all under 24 years of age, saw that contrary to what the older generations think, Gen Y do actually care about social issues. The problem is that they don’t fully understand the issues and how they can make a difference.

As a result, in 2011 the trio started We Don’t Care Inc. (WDC), a volunteer-run not-for-profit organisation which aims to make a difference in communities by helping young people like themselves get more involved in local social justice initiatives by using their time, advocacy and money.

WDC’s vision is to encourage young people to group together and act as a force for positive social change through raising awareness of social justice issues and by inspiring action through fundraising and volunteering.

WDC will hold special events and activities throughout the year to raise the profile of certain social justice issues and initiatives. Issues will include poverty, homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse and violence.

Sam Goh of We Don't Care

The group’s first initiative is ‘The Fashion Fund’ which is a free public event on Saturday 24th September at Federation Square. This event aims to support the ongoing issue of homelessness in Victoria.

There are three fashion fund charities who will receive proceeds from the market:
Opportunity $1600 can provide a young person with a scholarship for a year. Kids Under Cover
Food $138 supports the running costs of one day in Credo Cafe Credo Cafe
Shelter $68 raised provides one homeless person with a SWAG Swags

‘The Fashion Fund’ will take over the main stage area at Federation Square and include a large market of pre-owned designer fashion items from well known labels such as Marc Jacobs, Claude Maus, Topman, Country Road, Prada, Hugo Boss, Hermes, Ksubi and many more. All items have been kindly donated.

The event will also include live entertainment from leading bands and DJ’s, an exhibition, food and drinks and competitions throughout the whole day.

Models were on hand to showcase some of the goods that will be on sale next week, here’s the BusiChic sneak peek!
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In Melbourne on Saturday 24th September? Make sure that you head down to The Fashion Fund Market on at Federation Square.

Thank you to Ann Morrison PR for my invitation to this event and commendations on some very impressive work done! We Don’t Care (WDC) Inc. website | WDC on Twitter |

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