And what are you about? *

Today’s BusiChic made me think about whether I should start asking featurees what their dayjob is.

She works in Marketing in an accounting firm and I felt that her ensemble is consistent with the culture of her employer. Conservative with just the appropriate pop of colour for a work look that is also easy to put together.

Contemporary Business Wear in a conservative workplace

There are two reasons why I haven’t asked in the past. Firstly the issue of not wanting to seem like too much of a sticky beak…

And secondly I suppose that the reason why I haven’t asked is because I don’t think that everyone in a profession or industry should have to dress the same. I think that it’s important to look professional. However I started BusinessChic because I wanted to show how we can each brand ourselves in the workplace more effectively by adding a bit more of ourselves into what we wear. I think that with a bit of spit and polish, one can stretch workplace dresscode rules. I am an auditor but I don’t feel that my title describes what I am about . *I prefer this question rather than “what do you do?”

But I digress and would love your thoughts!

Would you like me to ask what featurees do? Would you find that helpful and why?

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