Dress it up

Smart Casual or Business Casual in American-speak, is a dresscode that is often executed as ‘my comfy weekend wear.’ Now I think it is important to be comfortable at work but with today’s busichic, I’d like to point out that it doesn’t take much extra effort to smarten up your casual! For goodness sakes, what’s the harm in trying to make a positive professional impression!?

Very chic Smart Casual

Today’s BusiChic sports a pair of black jeans that fit well and have a classic tapered cut that is Audrey-Hepburn-chic. Blazer and scarf are functional to keep warm but also add style. Classic pumps complete her polished look, although ballet flats are similarly chic alternative for when getting about town.

What do you think of the Smart Casual dresscode? How smart should it be versus how casual do you think is acceptable in the workplace?? < a question I'm particularly interested in, in the lead up to the festive season!


  1. Hi Cheryl,

    Is that you?! Gorgeous look. I checked out the post on wet weather wear too. Frankly if it rains while I’m in Melb I’m lost! Living in Noosa I hardly even have any covered shoes so praying for fine days:)

    Loved seeing you speak at PK night as I’m presenting one tomorrow!

    Ooops, better go practice:)

    You have a great humorous, confident delivery and, of course, great clothes too. What we wear does have a huge part in how confident we feel and it’s so important for work. I tend to slack off as I work from home so I have to make a big effort when I do venture out:)

    • Thank you for your comment, Annabel!

      No this isn’t me but rather a lady who kindly allowed me to photograph her work style. In response to your comment, free-lancers and the self-employed are lucky that you have tge freedom to work in your PJs when working from home- so lucky!

      How did your PK presentation go? I look forward to meeting you at ProBlogger this week and hearing all about it!

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