First day in a cape

I appear to have a knack at photographing people on their first day at work. So here is another one!


Natalja’s coat was Karen Millen, the shirt was from Ralph Lauren, the skirt from Morgan and shoes were from Anyi Lu and the bag by Marc Jacobs.

I like how today’s BusiChic has topped off her Contemporary Business Wear ensemble with a cape. As shown on BusiChic, capes have had a resurgence over the past winter and I hope that their timelessness will continue on into the future.

Now let’s get reminiscing about our first days, I’ll start…On my very first day in professional services, I wore a suit from the now de-funct events, shoes from Oroton and a Morgan de Toi top that I’d bought in an op shop that come to think of it, is still going strong all these years later!

What did you wear on your first day at work?


  1. My first ever job was a babysitter when I was 12 – so I guess I wore jeans & t-shirt. For my first professional job I wore clothes by Mimma Priolo – a tailored skirt & light top – it was summer & in the high 30s!!

  2. As you know I work in Pie face. so first day of work was of course the pie face tee. Lol. With some nice pair of jeans and my comfortable puma by mcqueen shoes!

  3. Hungry Jacks uniform for first day of work at first paying job that wasn’t for my parents. 😀

    Worst work uniform involved white blouse so sheer it was almost see through.

    • Oh no! Not the see-through blouse; made out of polyester too so wearer gets extra sweaty/stinky!? I’ve been inflicted with that one too 🙁

  4. It was such a long time ago, that I can’t even remember. Just think 1991, probably a black pencil skirt and a top of some kind. It was summer, very hot summer….

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