Springtime Giveaway with Geisker

Jennie Geisker of Geisker

Another fresh giveaway for busy ladies!*

Geisker is the creation of the Jennie Geisker who has handpicked products to help give women the confidence to be successful. This means a range of cufflinks for ladies and a range of slim-fit women’s french-cuffed business shirts.

In today’s post, I’ve worked with Jennie to present an idea on how I’d wear geisker in the workplace. I’ve opted for a spring time palette to freshen up my Contemporary Business Wear.

*or busy gents with ladies to gift 😉

Springtime shades of mandarine, rose and sky blue in this set I put together from Geisker!

This competition is now closed.

Giveaway is now closed.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the peach rose cufflinks. very me – and very in. Also love the Zebra Chequers shirt. seriously hot! theres no way you wouldnt feel incredible walking into a meeting wearing one. I’ve spent ages looking for someone with these quality shirts. I’m buying one!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the peach rose cufflinks!!! very me – and very in. Also love the Zebra Chequers shirt. seriously hot – theres no way you wouldnt feel incredible walking into a meeting wearing these shirts. I’m buying one!

  3. Dear Jennie,

    Excuse me a moment while I wipe the tears from my eyes. I just finished watching the movie “Australia”.
    I adore your shirts and the cufflinks are the cutest I’ve ever seen. I actually quite like the shirt you have pictured with the springtime shade, as well as the bird cufflinks. I visited your site and I also love the pretty pink shirt and the crystal ball cufflinks.
    I hope my post reaches you before midnight AEST, my computer is having issues. Could be that I am so emotional right now!

  4. Thank you all for each of your entries!

    Congratulations to Alice, the winner of the geisker giveaway!

    I love Alice’s idea to combine “the Gold Preppy shirt and the Blue Square Crystal cufflinks” – sounds like quite the regal chic combination, no?

    Thank you to our sponsor Jennie from Geisker and do make sure that you check out the range for business wardrobe staples for yourself or to gift someone that you know during the upcoming holiday season!

  5. Cheryl, I love the springtime set you’ve put together. The colours are very feminine and the Teal Dove cufflinks give the outfit an unexpected kick. I’d happily wear the Gold Preppy shirt and the Blue Square Crystal cufflinks.

  6. Love the Teal Dove Cuff links. Spunky & fun!

  7. Beth Quah Soo Jing says

    I love tvb is Audrey Classic in black white! It is elegant and frankly one I have never seen! I would have to hunt down something similar too! Cotton candy candle would give a warm and fuzzy thang to a room!:)

  8. TANGERINE PINK PASTEL PRETTY ..just perfect for spring 😉

  9. Denim Inspired Audrey Classic with Audrey Classic Black Luv Bow Scarf. perfect match.

  10. Love the Black White Preppy from Geisker and all the cufflinks .

  11. ♥♥Belén♥♥ says

    Lovely giveaway?? Is it international??
    I love the Zebra Chequers shirt, it´s amazing.

  12. I like the Zebra Chequers shirt because of the colour combination, the cool cuffs and the fact that it’s a bit different from all the shirts I own. It would go well with the simple silver knot cufflinks – the cuffs are busy enough as it is!

  13. The shirts are all gorgeous, it’s hard to choose but i’d have to say the pink pastel pretty caught my eye. I adore the teal dove cufflinks however, the clear crystal flower cufflinks would also look great for a more formal look. Will definitely add this site to my favourites for updating my work wardrobe.

  14. I love the green jungle stripes business shirt. It reminds me of my mum, who always looked business chic whenever she went to work, and green was definitely one of her favourite colours to wear!

    The yellow owl cufflinks are also amazingly adorable; I collect almost anything to do with owls, so I might just have to go and buy these 😀

  15. Lovely giveaway for working women. I love the Zebra Chequers shirt.

    Miss Bias

  16. The Denim Inspired Audrey Classic is a lovely shirt and the owl cufflinks are adorable

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