Pyjama Chic at #PBEVENT

Some inspiration today for the self-employed!

Some of you may know from my tweets that I work a nine-day-fortnight. While it may sound like I get a three-day-weekend every second week, I use that Friday to work on my freelance gigs. My last Friday co-incided with an all day blogging conference organised by ProBlogger which meant that I spent the whole day listening to successful bloggers talk about how they have made money (the term is “monetise”) from their blogs or where their blogs have led them to.


One of the many great panels at Problogger Event

Normally when going to a blogging event, I’ll try to dress “business chic”, however given the audience of the self-employed, I thought it’d be a safe time to trial my take on “Pyjama Chic.” This is a trend that has been widely reported on style sites and in the mainstream press, inspired by resort collections from the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren and Karen Walker.

My take on Pyjama Chic, a trend that's been reported on in the northern hemisphere; will it take on here?

I love pyjamas so this is a look that appeals to me, but wearing it out in public!? My tips for sporting PJ chic in public is to not wear your actual PJs but to achieve a similar level of comfort, wear a silk top and pants then add shoes and accessories that dress things up – what do you think? I’ve turned to Australian designers Romance was Born for a statement silk top which I bought from Alice Euphemia.  I’ve paired this with silk pants which I bought from Biasa on my last trip to Bali. Shoes are my orthopedic friendly boots from Ziera, plus a necklace I’ve customised out of a vintage necklace and bracelet that I bought at Camberwell Market and a gold orchid brooch which I somehow procured from my mum’s jewellery box over the years!


Tim Ferriss and Darren Rowse aka ProBlogger

I’ve been to a few conferences recently for my Real Life Job as an auditor. What struck me about this blogging conference was how dynamic, interested and engaging both the speakers and attendees were. And so sharing and generous with their knowledge.

A week or so on, the key things that I’ve taken away as things I need to do to improve BusinessChic are:

  1. Solve a problem. BusinessChic is a resource that gives ideas of what you can wear to work but I want to be so much more useful. I’ve developed some how-to guides to help new starters or those returning to work, build their core work wardrobes. I’d like to research (i.e. do some surveys on you all) whether there’s interest in this content as an e-book or if it’s a post that you rather favourite and share with your friends? TY Darren Rowse aka ProBlogger for this tip.
  2. Go to where your audience is. I need to be on LinkedIn more. Rocket science I know but something that I’ve been procrastinating about and must get onto. Great panel consisting of Darren Rowse aka ProBlogger, Chris of Bike Exif, Phoebe aka Lady Melbourne and Lucy of The Design Files.
  3. Create cookie content. Related to point 1 but I like Sonia’s cookie analogy. Essentially, when you look at a BusiChic post, are you rewarded? Do you get what you need? I need to find out what you need (i.e. do some surveys…) TY Sonia Simone of CopyBlogger for this tip.
  4. Make it easy for readers to subscribe. I need to change the BusiChic Bulletin subscription to require your email address only; will it make it more appealing for you to sign-up to my newsletter for the insiders guide to all things business chic? TY Chris Garrett for this tip and a whole lot of others that will hopefully lead me to make BusiChic easier to navigate.
  5. Be a bit brazen/be useful. During the day, Nikki from StylingYou and Annabel from Successful Blogging were kind enough to pull me aside and tell me that I need to share more of my personal style here. To be honest, I feel like an idiot posting photos of myself, particularly when taking the photos and groups of kids on skateboards go past… however there are some really great local designers and brands I’d like to share with you more and outfit posts are a way of getting the word out… Great tips from Emma of $30 date and Chris Garrett.

I don’t mean to plug any one blogger in particular however there was also a suprise visit from Tim Ferriss of The Four Hour Work Week that made an impression. I confess that I haven’t read the book; however I had enough friends who did and raved about it such that I felt I had enough of the gist of it. What impressed me most about Tim was his physique. Seriously. This was a guy in a loosely fitted top who had such well-defined pecs and arms that I’ve been raving to my friends about how I am inspired to check out his latest book Four Hour Body. Seriously.

Action shot: Tim Ferriss & ProBlogger

The best thing about any conference is the opportunity to network and pbevent was no exception.

Thanks to Nikki from Styling You for this picture taken of us at the end of the day!

I got to see so many ace face bloggers like Valerie Khoo, Norlin and Jess Van Den. It was also really nice to get to see Jade Craven who has been such a great supporter this year and I really appreciate her encouragement!

It was also great to meet John Young who is starting an interesting project profiling bloggers from a marketing perspective – someone that I’ll be watching post pbevent!


Were you at PBEVENT? What were the highlights for you? Or what do you think of my take on PJ chic?


  1. Hi Cheryl,
    I went to PB event and I’m having a wonderful time discovering the blogs of the other PBeventers. I have been having a look at your blog and what a fantastic idea – I tend to get around in gym gear as that’s my job but it’s nice to dress up a bit more (as I did for PBevent) and not wear bike shorts all the time.
    liz N

    • Hi Liz,

      Thanks for your comment and great to meet you here! Yes, how good is PB event for blog networking- I’ll check out your blog too 🙂


  2. I love the PJ chic. Yes, perfect for us work at homers:) Don’t worry about looking or feeling like an idiot. I just published a photo of myself dressed as a giant blue jellyfish on my blog. Let the skateboarders have their fun, they probably haven’t seen anything so interesting for a while! x A

    • Hehe thank you Annabel!

      Your comment reminds me of a message that is fresh in my mind from the eulogy Steve Jobs’ sister gave at his memorial. Essentially that Steve wasn’t and that we shouldn’t be embarrassed about working hard, even if the results are failures…

      Now Ive got to see this jellyfish of yours; sounds awesome! X

  3. Oh, I’m so glad you’ve taken up the challenge. I think you’ll find the right balance of a how many “personal” photos you do but they will be lovely surprises for your reader and allow use to better connect with you. Love our shiny, happy people photo!

    • Hi Nikki,

      Thank you for your comment! Yes I certainly hope to get the ratio right; I’m mindful that there are currently two posts on the homepage showing myself and in future hope to keep this down to one. I think that you do a great job of building a relationship and dialogue with your readers through all your posts and comments on blogposts and will certainly endeavour to do the same with BusiChic; thank you for your advice!

  4. Definitely want to see more of your lovely face (and outfits) here Cheryl! And it was so lovely getting to chat to you in person – hope I get to see you again soon x

    • OMG Bree- how terrible of me- I’m so sorry that I forgot to mention you! Sooo great to finally meet you IRL! I definitely hope to see more of you now, particularly as a speaker at events like this- so much to learn from your ace-ness:)

  5. It was so nice to see you again too!! 🙂 This is the thing I love about blogging and going to blogging events – meeting up with other bloggers! And I agree with Nikki, you do need to do some personal outfit posts. Love what you wear whenever I do see you! But do keep on taking the wonderful shots of other people too. I enjoy looking and reading about the different styles other people sport to work. xx

    • Hi Norlin, thank you for your comment and have no fear- BusiChic will still be mainly made up of my photos of business chic ladies and gents who allow me to share their style. I envisage my outfit posts to be partly my work style journey and also opportunity to do some what-not-to-wear posts which could be fun but informative, stay tuned!

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