Red lips at work

Mmmm bold lipstick in the office. I love the look but personally find it takes a bit of getting used to. I find it tricky enough finding the colour I like, although David Jones in-store matte lippies often do the trick for me when wanting to play around with colour on a beer budget (see here for case in point).


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Afterwork drinks Emerald Peacock

Tona wears lipstick by elle micro red.

I apply lipstick by adding a light application, blotting with tissue then reapplying. The beauty mags tell me that by applying this way, the lippy is then supposed to last all day… and it probably would except for the fact that I must tap my lips with my fingers when thinking; I often find the colour on my fingers and keyboard…

What are your thoughts on wearing bold lipstick in the office?


  1. Thank you for your kind words Bec,
    Most office wear is a shade of black/navy/grey. Dark and dull suits with red lips (especially on Fridays) are a combination i opt for to bring a bit of zest in my day.
    It screams out confidence, it’s classy and always encourages an extra spring in my step…
    This shade of red (micro red) suits all skin tones especially olive skin.
    Elle’s is a brand from Pevonia mineral make up line
    Stockist South Melbourne, Richmond and Williamstown.
    Hope this helps xx

    • Thank you so much for you quick reply! Working in design (and in Melbourne) our whole office seems to be a sea of black and grey, but every so often you see that bright necklace, accessory or bold lips (for those who are brave) which gives that little pop of colour.

      Until now I haven’t been brave to try the red lip but your outfit and makeup has given me much inspiration. I will be purchasing an Elle’s lipstick this weekend and maybe by next Friday I will have to confidence to wear it out the front door!

    • Thanks for sharing, Tona!

      I find it very exciting to see BusinessChic inspiring more bold lippy in the workplace!

  2. Tona looks lovely, I especially love her red lips, it’s such a great shade for dark hair and dark eyes (like me!). I love it so much in fact that I was wondering if you know where one can buy Elle Micro Red? Is Elle the brand or is it the shade? I did a Google search and nothing is coming up! : (

    If you have any ideas where I might be able to find it I would be forever grateful!

    • Hi Bec,

      Thank you for your comment and question!

      I also had trouble tracking down the brand, “elle” so I’ve tweeted this post and hope someone will be able to help us!

  3. I wear BRIGHT, bright lippy at work. MAC Russian Red, BRIGHT strong pinks etc… I know a hospital isn’t like a real office… or what not… but that’s what I wear. At first I was nervous wearing it, now it’s the norm.

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