Weather battle

At the time of writing this post, I confess dear BusiChic, I have not actually checked the forecast for Melbourne. I usually try to post outfits that will match the forecast. However I came to realise that I didn’t really have an ensemble for ‘the wettest day in 100 years.’ So now I’m just posting an ensemble that caught my fancy.


Renae sports Contemporary Business Wear – pencil skirt teamed with a contrasting but smart jacket and cosied up against the morning frost with a chic hat, scarf and pair of gloves. And opaques, for if any gal battling the seasons knows, opaque stockings are a must for keeping warm whilst polished enough for the office!

What do you think of Renae’s ensemble and how do you tweak your workwear to battle the elements!?


  1. I love the outfit, it’s very chic. The accessories add detail and finish the look. Love the hat, scarf and gloves perfect for the cold weather.

    • Hi sandyfish,

      Thank you for stopping by and taking time to comment 🙂

      Yes the chic accessories are not only practical for keeping out the cold but adding stylish detail that complete Renae’s look. Great accessories are one reason why as much as I love sunshine, I’ll miss the cooler weather!

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