Why does it rain at hometime?

Is it just me or does it always tend to start raining just as you head out the door to work or on your way home after a long day on the job? Even worse, why does it always seem to rain on the Friday afternoon, leading into a weekend? Today’s Smart Casual and Creative pair was photographed on one of these Fridays. Fresh from work and ready for a drink with friends, they patiently waited for me to photograph them as it started to drizzle, again. Still the rain hasn’t taken the shine off their workwear that features a whole lot of personal detail.

A Smart Casual/Creative pair

Today’s workwear inspiration features a whole lot of personal detail. From the prints in both their ensembles to his charming man shoes and to her heavily tooled leather bag and glass ring.

How much of yourself are you able to get into your workwear through what you wear? Is this even important to you? If so, why or why not?

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