Beads for Wildlife at Work

Women in Melako view my images for Zoos Victoria's Beads For Wildlife Program

The thing about BusinessChic is that I’d love for this site to be about things of substance as much as it is about style. Which is why last year I jumped at the chance to style and photograph a campaign for Zoos Victoria, Beads for Wildlife program. Did you know that there is a place in Northern Kenya called Melako where human beings are competing with wildlife to eke out an existence? Did you know that some of the wildlife they are competing with are endanged such as the Grevys zebra? I didn’t and I learnt that on top of having a great zoo in Parkville that I confess I hadn’t been to since high school (although continued to hold in high esteem), Zoos Victoria also have a program called Beads for Wildlife where they employ the women who would normally farm to instead create beaded accessories which they sell through their zoos and on online here.

The cover for Vogue Australia December 2011

While this was a campaign that I was involved in last year, it was later this year when Jacquie O’Brien tweeted our crew* the top image, taken when the women in Melako were shown our campaign images…Then I got myself a copy of the December 2011 issue of Vogue magazine with this cover of an African-styled Isabel Lucas complete with beads and then felt the time was right to do a mini-shoot; this time to show how Beads for Wildlife beads can be worn in the workplace!

So without further ado, here is an image showing Samantha Hardman of Bento sporting a Ruby frock from her own collection and styled up with Zoo beads!

Samantha Hardman in Beads for Wildlife beads

I’ve styled Samantha in two strands of Beads for Wildlife necklaces which retail for $14.95 each to which I’ve tied one beaded Hibiscus flower RRP 14.95 (fingers-crossed there’ll be more in soon!) and I’ve popped on beaded elastic bracelets which retail for $6.95 on to each of her wrists.

If you would like to see more of my campaign images for Zoos Victoria – head out to Werribee Zoo where I understand that there is a bus which features one of our* images!

If you would like to see more Beads for Wildlife beads, visit their site here.

* our crew: Lou Pardi and Kealey Nutt of thelma magazine! You can read more about the program in this post written by our other crew member, Lara McPherson.

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