Passing by the Park

Are you one of those lucky BusiChics who works near a park that you can picnic in at lunchtime? I am and so too are these Creative women whose charming and serendipitously co-ordinated ensembles I had to photograph one morning!

Colleagues in the Creative field of Publishing

Want some more details on today’s delightful creative work ensembles, thanks to Davina (lady on the left) for answering my questions:

Love your work outfit, what are you wearing and where is it from?
Today’s outfit is a tribute to my recent trip to NYC. My dress and belt are from H&M in New York, my scarf was bought on a very chilly day from Cheap Jack’s on 5th Avenue. My cardi is Tommy Hilfiger, and my shoes are from Kmart.

What beauty products do like to use in the office?
I really love everything that comes from the guys at Say Yes to Carrots. And since my holiday, I can’t be separated from my Aveda tinted SPF moisturizer, Clark’s Botanicals Ultra Rich Lip Tint and NARS The Multiple as a blush. Unfortunately I recently dropped my eyeliner into the petrol tank of my car when I ran out of petrol on Punt Road.

Where do you like to go to for after-work drinks?
I used to love Bar None in Camberwell before it burned down. Now I go to Gibsons Wine Bar in Hawthorn – they have the best olives ever.

Thanks Davina for your answers and hope that you find a new eyeliner soon!

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