Shop girl at Alannah Hill

The latest installment in the BusiChic Girls in Retail series.

Oh Alannah Hill shop girls! Curled hair, red lips and powdered noses; then your work outfits! How uber kawaii you are when I spot you on the streets of Melbourne!

A shop girl from Alannah Hill

Sadly I cannot remember the name of this lass whom I photographed in Howey Place after she sold me a slip to solve the static of my own dress. However I do know that she is head to anklet in Alannah Hill and those fab shoes are by Melissa.

And I am now so inspired to incorporate floral pieces into my own work ensembles!

Remember to tune in daily for a squiz at what other retail gals are wearing to work!


  1. Could someone please tell me the name and collection for the dress and socks

  2. I love the AH girls. They are so easy to spot, strutting through the city.
    I don’t think any other shop girl is so easily identified!!

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