The case for boutique shopping

In the final installment of the BusiChic Retail Girl series, we take a look at a charming print that had me rushing to the shops and on to a lesson about good service.

Hayley in the Fleur Wood Nightingale print frock

Hayley is not a shop girl per se, however I’ve photographed her in a Fleur Wood frock that belongs to a Fleur Wood shop girl. I know this because when I went into Fleur Wood’s GPO boutique, I mentioned that I’d photographed a girl wearing the Nightingale print frock which I needed and the shop girl mentioned that it was her friend in her frock that I’d photographed!

The shop girl, whose name now eludes me was incredible helpful. After calling and up and confirming that all Fleur Wood stores were sold out of the frock I wanted, she called Myer – knowing that they stocked the dress. She asked to be put in touch with someone who could help her locate the dress. The Myer person scoffed and said, “I can’t help you!” A little put back but politely, the Fleur Wood girl asked to be put through the Australian fashion designers section. The folks in the Australian fashion designers section were of little help too. After lots of “we’ll have a look and get back to you” they insisted that they had never received any items in the Nightingale print. The Fleur Wood girl apologised to me and gave me directions to where she knew the dresses were hanging in Myer’s Australian fashion designers section. I followed her directions and there they were, hanging just where the Fleur Wood girl had said… The Myer’s staff busied about and avoided making eye contact with me so, despite actually wanting to buy the dress, I walked out of the store empty-handed – I refuse to support bad service.

I’d like to stress that friends of mine whom I’ve told this story to, have told me that they had only ever received great service from each of the designer spaces that make up Myer’s women’s department. So not all service in Myer is like that I’d experienced.

Nonetheless as we close of this year of BusinessChic, it’s a timely reminder that customers have a right to good service and I encourage you to support the boutiques and local businesses who provide it in-person or online and to recommend them onto other BusiChics and friends! Stay tuned in the new year for updates on great retailers who also provide good service 🙂

This is the final installment in the BusiChic Shop Girl series and our final post for 2011! Wishing you a very Happy New Year and all the best of success for 2012!


  1. I’m glad you didn’t end up buying the dress even though you really wanted it. It’s true, we shouldn’t need to buy something when the service is lacking. I’ve not had any bad service from any Myer stores…but I did experience the lack of service at the city store AFTER their renovations. While there are great service to be had in other places it’s sad that in this economic climate that some sales people still choose to disregard the fact that their job MIGHT be in limbo should sales start to drop. Don’t they realise it’s the lowest in the pecking order that gets kicked out before everyone else?

    • Thanks so much for your comment Norlin – I always love hearing from you guys!

      And I so agree about the lack of personnel thing – how strange is it to be in a brand-spankingly refurbished store and for there to not be any staff around!? The number of times I’ve been ready to pay the inflated price for cosmetics we still face here but not been able to find someone “who works at this counter”… amazing :S

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