Top Five: What NOT to wear to the office party!

Dearest BusiChic,

I’m not one for rules and have been debating whether to even put this list together. Some of the folks I’ve consulted have even advised against it, arguing “no, it gives us something to look at” or the best comment, “it’s the skanky dressing that keeps us entertained in the early part of the year when there’s not much else to talk about.”


So here is a list of looks that are FABULOUS on the red-carpet when nice photographers get a flattering shot of said celebrity who has been whisked from luxury accomodation and deposited straight onto the red carpet… and just some plain don’ts πŸ˜‰

1. Don’t: short body-con frocks

Rachel Bilson rocks a Herve Leger mini body-con frock BECAUSE SHE IS NOT MOVING!

If only we all looked as nice as Rachel Bilson does in this Herve Leger bandage dress. Sadly constantly having to pull your dress down is one of the *ahem* short-comings of wearing a mini body-con dress when you *sigh* like normal people – have to move. Movement may involve: leaving your house in said ensemble; jumping into and out of taxis/public transport; moving around venue to socialise with peers and give face-time to bosses and senior staff; moving on to after-party which may see you standing at the traffic lights (where you stop to wait for lights to change and pull down your dress for the upteenth time) and so forth.

2. Don’t: hooker heels or sneakers

Footwear: factor in walking, standing up all night and any potential dancing...

This could extend to uncomfortable footwear, per se. There’s this limp/stagger action that comes from wearing uncomfortable heels that is exaggerated when they are of the hooker variety and particularly when they are teamed with #1. short body-con dress. (source)

Jerry Seinfeld's sneakers do not rank highly on the style ladder...

On the other side, don’t go all the way with comfort to the extent that you’re sacrificing all style. While sneakers can be stylish, there are lots of offenders; here’s looking at you Jerry Seinfeld! (source)

3. Don’t: Dress like a WAG / Brett Deledio

Brett Deledio - pretty gal, shame about the striped tie and those contrasting lapels!

Football culture is strong but that doesn’t mean the office function is opportunity for you to show all your skin, sequin or stripes…
helpful tip: wear underwear (gals that means a bra too) and for goodness sakes, wear some of the awesome seamless variety. This means you avoid the dreaded Visible Panty Lines (VPL) or even worse – inflicting the outline of a g-banger on each of your colleagues whenever you bend over to fix your shoe strap that keeps dropping…

4. No slogan tshirts

Unless you are Todd Sampson or work office party is a rally/gig.

5. Don’t dress like a 90s cast member of 90210 if you were wearing those same clothes back in the day!

90s fashion: If you were wearing the first time...

…chances are that shirt doesn’t fit right, jeans are way faded or 90s fashion just doesn’t look as ironic on you as it does on these Gen Y kids… sorry πŸ™

Not a sartorial tip but a helpful one: Don’t have bad breath!
Booze combined with buttery finger-food, sugary treats and cheese makes for some toxic breath. Please take time out on the hour to check yourself in the mirror and time in the cubicle to check your breath.

Golden rule: if someone is doing any of these things, be gracious. They are still a human being and you are still at a work function in which case, remain professional πŸ˜‰

Do you have any sartorial do/don’t tips for office parties? What things have your eyes seen during these festive season so far? Please share!


  1. They look great, stunning and beautiful with their celebrity dress… How I wish I’m one of them….

  2. No slutty elves/mr Santa-sit-on-my-lap/flashing earrings. Just no.

  3. Omg the fresh breath thing is VITAL. Carry mints at all times. And not gum cos you look like you’re chewing your cud. Eew. ;-P

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