What to buy for Christmas according to BusiChic favourites!

At Fashion Torque's end-of-year event with one of the hosts, Philip Boon Photograph: Kellie Dene

Dear BusiChic,

So BusinessChic may have started out as a simply streetstyle blog showing what stylish folks are wearing to work – but golly do I get asked for advice a lot! The recent question has been, “what should I buy for my colleague/boss for Christmas?” I’ll be honest with you – I’m behind on this whole Christmas list thing. Somewhere between wrapping up work for the year, festive season events and feeling EXHAUSTED – I’ve fallen behind on completing my own list of things to buy for your colleagues/coffee buds/peers/bosses. However I am catching up by compiling this list of THE best guides I’ve found on the internet! So search no more and check out these options because if Santa checks his list twice, then surely we should check recommended lists twice too!

Affordable chic: Beads for Wildlife www.zoo.org.au/beads

1. Be ethical
What!? You want to work in decent conditions, be treated like a decent human being and be paid fairly? Sure, how about you make sure that you support companies who do just that!

You can start by taking a gander at the selection of fair trade products as blogged by Leeyong of Style Wilderness or consider buying Zoo Beads (which I’ve blogged a bit about, just see here) which range from $6.95 to $14.95 so that you can buy gifts for your team without completely smashing your pay check! Alternatively you might want simply to go the “no stuff” route and tell your team you’ve bought a goat on their behalf so a remote village will have milk for their coffees: check out the list of useful no junk presents blogged here by Sarah Wilson.

2. Make and Bake your presents
I’m a DIY kind of gal and love excuses for baking and crafting. If this sounds like you, then check out this guide for DIY Christmas Gifts that you can bake and make! In the past I’ve made dukkah which I packaged in old (but clean) glass jars and decorated with brown paper and twine – try also stamping a snowflake shape on the brown-paper-covered-lid to complete!

3. Buy good design
Now this one isn’t a Christmas gift list per se, however Lucy from The Design Files has such a great eye for things that I thought it’d be remiss of me to not include her one of sorts! The Design Files Open House was open for a limited time last week and full of so many wonderful knick knacks from a wide range of talented Aussies like Sarah Dingwallnow available thru TDF Open House Online for TWO WEEKS ONLY! I highly recommend checking it out as Lucy has cleverly curated items for a range of price points and included some items for those with kids!

The Design Files Open House Online Store is open for TWO WEEKS ONLY!

4. Play with your food
A great list compiled by the Epicure team and a few cooking pros, as someone who likes to cook etc, I’d love it if my office Kris Kringle got me this Pinocchio funnel!

5. Be a lady
Get inspired by Lady Melbourne’s Christmas list which I thought was clever with items such as reusable coffee cups or pretty tea cups and saucers that would undoubtedly add style to the workplace – not sure if I want to mention the shoe c-words though! 😛

6. Be original for $25 and less
This year I dabbled in giving guided tours of my favourite shops in Melbourne; Third Drawer Down totally makes this list as one of the spaces that makes my brain explode with its sheer stock of awesomely clever and quality products. Third Drawer Down have assembled a list of items that are $25 and less – check it out. I am very tempted to get my boss these post-it tabs because he has a wonderful sense of humour and I’m so sure would appreciate them… Crossing the P&C line much?? 😛

The gift I'm considering for my boss who has a fabulous sense of humour...!?

And if I may myself pop a book onto this list of lists!

7. Give good book – from your local bookstore

May Gibbs: More than a Fairy Tale (Hardie Grant, RRP $49.95)

This is the last weekend to order your books online in order to get them for Christmas but may I also recommend your local book store? I adore the work of May Gibbs and have bought vintage copies for ex-pat friends/gifts for new born babies. I’ll be reviewing this biography on the woman who looked into the Aussie outback and found us Snugglepot and Cuddlepie in greater detail in the new year but for now, can I simply recommend this? It is a beauty of a book that pays homage to Gibb’s illustrations and I’m reckon that this story of an Australian who had a vision, respect for the environment and a whole lot of determination is one that will appeal to many in the modern workplace. Stocked at all good book stores.

Have you come across any other good Christmas gift lists you can share? What gifts are you thinking of getting your colleagues/peers/boss as a token of saying, “nice working with you” ?

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