Awesome2: Cheryl Lin

Hey BusiChics,

It’s me on the blog again because I’m getting involved in another something else such that this week is going to be all about Awesome2. The Awesome Melbourne Foundation is a group of people from all walks of life who each put in $100 each month create a mini-grant of $1000. Anyone can apply for the grant which we select based on the one the collective group decides is awesome.

Melbourne already has one chapter of Awesome, but there is simply so much awesome in Melbourne that I’m part of the second Board, Awesome2, that is currently hiring! Each day this week, I’ll be introducing you to one of the members we already have on board, starting with myself:

Cheryl Lin of BusinessChic

Cheryl Lin @busichic
Internal Auditor, blogger, streetstyle photographer and founder of

1. What are you about?
Riding bicycles on a nice day, deep belly laughs with people I love, pottering, tasty sustaining food, capturing moments… Doing good, connecting, living life and getting better at making it all happen.

2. Most valuable thing you’ve learnt on the job?
There is always something to be learnt whether it’s about work, people or yourself.

3. Define awesome.
That thing that grabs your attention and makes you say ‘wow’ and want to get involved with yourself. Brings joy, does good.

4. Something you’ve found/made on the internet:
I have the biggest blog crushes on The Design Files, Creative Women’s Circle and The Uniform Project.

Two newsletters that I love: food tomatom, and networking The Fetch

Something I’ve helped make: The Ace Fantastic – our internet TV show about showcasing ace and fantastic things and the people that make them happen.

5. Violet Crumble or Crunchie?
Violet Crumble- all the way! Like the tagline says, it’s the way it shatters that matters.

Stay tuned to BusiChic this week to meet the other Awesome2 Melburnians!


  1. I really like your outfit!!!

    • Thanks Frieda!

      In case you’re interested, the top is from JuicyBear, necklace by Mimco, belt from Vanessa Bruno, skirt by our friends at Bento, stockings were from a value pack at the supermarket and boots are from Sportsgirl. It’s what I like to wear on cooler-weather Smart Casual days at work 🙂

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