Awesome2: Erika Geraerts

Each day this week, I am introducing a member of the second Awesome Melbourne Foundation Board. We each have day-jobs doing this, that and the other but meet monthly to give a $1000 grant to an awesome project of our choosing. We are currently running a campaign to find folks to complete our board. Interested? Application details are at the end of this post!

Erika Geraerts

Erika Geraerts @erikageraerts
I’m not sure what Erika’s title is right now but I can tell you that she’s a freelance creative and making a whole lot of her own awesome happen!

1. What are you about?

I’m always late, however I like to say I’m reliably unreliable. I’m about making swearing an acceptable adverb/adjective. I’m in an unhealthy relationship with my Mac. Oh, and I like writing about people too, a lot.

2. Most valuable thing you’ve learnt on the job?

I’ve learnt a lot about ego, most importantly, don’t assume shit. It’s true what they say, you’ll virtually make an ass out of you and me. I can’t tell you how many times my boss drilled those words into me, and he was right. Too often people think they know something, when the little pride they have to swallow to admit they might not know, is worth a whole lot more than being proven wrong. Asking questions does not make you any less smart.

3. Your definition of awesome?

If I had it my way, this group would be called ‘Amazing,’ however I’m pretty sure that 90’s game show claimed the word, and they probably deserve it too. In my own head, awesome is something that makes me stop and think, fuck, I should have thought of that; I have to be a part of it.

4. Share something you’ve found/made on the web?

I’ve found my purpose on the web. Seriously, if it was possible to be transported inside my Mac and live there, I’d do it.

People pay out Social Media all the time, but I scored my first job through Facebook, which led me to meet some of the most incredible people currently in my life, which led me to starting a new career out of nothing and being able to fund my self-indulgent lifestyle.

What have I made? I’m currently writing with a few significant others at

W&B is a writing agency and our blog documents the stories of people who are choosing to live in this crazy world – not just exist; I guess you could say they are doing awesome things.

I also found this video, and this website – and I’ll never get enough of them.

5. Violet Crumble or Crunchie?
When I was about 11 (give or take a few years) my dad would take my siblings and I to tennis lessons after school. We’d drive to Oakleigh and on the way, pick up a chocolate thickshake and a Crunchie. I’d take one bite, then spend the next 20 minutes sucking out all the honeycomb and leaving the harder edges till last.

Does that answer your question?

Crunchie: 3 N/A: 1 Violet Crumble: 1 : In this poll, Crunchie would take out the Awesome, simply base on a vote on how each of the Awesome2 perceives the given offering. It’s that easy to help make awesome happen.

Interested in joining the second Awesome Melbourne Foundation Board?

Step 1: You’ve seen our answers, now we want to see yours, please email your responses to join[at]awesomefoundation[dot]org
The questions are:
Please share your day-time role, what keeps you busy and any social media accounts.

1. What are you about?

2. Most valuable thing you’ve learnt on the job?

3. Your definition of awesome?

4. Share something you’ve found/made on the web?

5. Violet Crumble or Crunchie?

Step 2: Demonstrate that you’re ready for the $100-a-month commitment to make our $1000 grant happen by supporting the Awesome Foundation MEGA Grant party project on

By donating at least $100, you gain a ticket to the party where we can meet you, you can meet both Awesome Foundation Boards (we need to meet you in order to make our decision) and have a vote in awarding The Awesome Foundation’s MEGA grant. More details about this event are as follows:

In celebration of The Awesome Foundation’s first year in Melbourne, a MEGA GRANT will be awarded in February 2012.

Ordinarily $1000 is awarded, no-strings-attached, to the most awesome crazy brilliant idea as voted by the foundation. In the month of February, a party will be thrown and over $3000 will be given away. The more that is pledged, the bigger the party and grant can be. Funds raised through Pozible will go towards throwing the party and awarding the grant.

This is where you come in! Become a member of the Awesome Foundation for one night and contribute to the mega grant.

Every support pledge of over $50 will be given a vote, with bigger and better rewards available for larger pledges!

For support pledges over $100 you will be given a ticket to attend one of the coolest parties in town featuring:

– A super secret location (close to public transport) revealed on the day!

– A room full of beautiful awesome people

– The hosting brilliance of Mr Simon Taylor

– Cocktails from The West Winds Gin

– Food and wine from local producers

– Music from Tram Sessions

– And a showcase of previous Awesome Foundation grant recipients like Rooftop Honey

Interested? Click through here to support this project and we look forward to receiving your applications and meeting you at the party!

Thank you for following the series on Awesome2! We look forward to receiving your applications and making a decision that completes our Board so that we can start granting grants to awesome from the first meeting on 29 February 2012!

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