Awesome2: Sarah Moran

Each day this week, I am introducing a member of the second Awesome Melbourne Foundation Board. We each have day-jobs doing this, that and the other but meet monthly to give a $1000 grant to an awesome project of our choosing. We are currently running a campaign to find folks to complete our board. Interested? Stay tuned for the full application details!

Sarah Moran

Sarah Moran

To find out what Sarah is about, try following her on Twitter: @sarahmoran

Meet the other Awesome2 Melburnians.

Interested in joining the Awesome2 Melbourne Foundation Board? Full application details will be released later this week!


  1. Ah! Remember this? SO MUCH TIME HAS PASSED. Amazing xx

  2. Awesome2 seems cool – let me know if I can help 🙂

    Also, I love that dress. It’s really cute

    • Thanks Jade – we appreciate that 🙂

      I’ll ask Sarah where her dress is from, it is a great one and I can so see you in it – too cute!

  3. I am impressed with your Awesome2 project. how to become a board member on the project? thank you

  4. That Sarah girl sounds pretty awesome! 😉

  5. OK – answers to some questions about me!

    1. What are you about?
    I’m about getting fired up about things then doing something about it. Projects work for me because I like to see a beginning, middle and end to something – the end is a great reason to party! The Awesome Foundation works for me because I don’t think you need to have a formal organisation, strategy and bureaucratic process to make awesome happen. It’s often a hindrance to the everyday awesome we need to inspire the big picture awesome.

    2. Most valuable thing you’ve learnt on the job?
    Once you’re at the point where you’re not afraid to get fired, then you can truly work the way you want. Ironically that usually makes you more appealing in the role.

    3. Your definition of awesome?
    Awesome is as awesome does?

    4. Share something you’ve found/made on the web?
    My digital crushes are expansive, but I have made Review Brisbane – a site that gives away tickets to movie premieres to help with successful releases of films in Brisbane.

    5. Violet Crumble or Crunchie?
    Crunchie all the way!

  6. Peter Higgins says

    How are you? I am interested in becoming a board member of your Awesome2 project. What do I need to do?

    • Hi Peter, thank you so much for your interest in Awesome2!

      The full application details are coming at the end of this week, stay tuned!

  7. Nice dress and nice attitude !

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