Bring pretty with a parasol

Walking to work. So you might already be juggling your iPhone and carry-all but haven’t you noticed that hot summer sun beating down on you!? For the sake of your skin, it’s worth considering carrying just one more thing to protect yourself: a parasol!

Blokes, I’ve had some serious trouble trying to find an example for you, so you may need to stick to the hats. However if you can show me some man-stylin’ of a sunbrella or parasol then please share!

I’ve started a Pinterest board on all the Sunbrellas, brollies and parasols which have caught my eye. Sunbrellas (as termed by Wet & Wendy) and brollies have the added function of being waterproof should the heavens open. Parasols from what I’ve worked out can be made out of paper, non-waterproofed fabric and are primarily for the purpose of keeping the sun out.

Insanely pretty aren’t they? A little OTT for work, perhaps?

While I haven’t come across an image of corporate woman carrying a parasol, I can envision a glamorous Corporate woman type a la Samantha in Sex & the City with her nipped-in silhouette carrying one. It’d take a suited woman with a lot of confidence, style and panache to get it just right, what do you think? (That and I watched all six seaons of Sex & the City during my break!)

For the rest of us, take a gander at this image which personal stylist Simone Hartill tweeted me in response to my questions about parasols. I think Simone shows that the parasol is a viable option for those in Contemporary Business Wear and Smart Casual who wish to stay sun-smart in style!

Simone is pretty and sunsmart, sporting a parasol on her way to work. Just change from casual sandals into dressier pumps and you're office-ready!

Check out my Pinterest board for more pretty parasol inspiration.

What do you think of the parasol? Is it a look that you are already working or thinking of trying?

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