Coffee to go

When I first started BusinessChic, I envisaged lots of things. One of the things was to tie in my interest in food with the website by having a “chalkboard” of sorts up on the blog where I’d advertise tasty breakfast and lunchtime specials being offered by cafes and restaurants in your city. I still haven’t worked out how to do this but today’s post reminded me of that idea. Would you find it useful?

Now onto today’s BusiChic gent who has not gotten back to me with the details of his outfit. I thought that his was a smart suit that was well-tailored across the back as I followed him down a backstreet to Patricia Coffee, a place that tweeter @catherinemay27 tweeted me a number of times would be a good place to scout for BusiChic. And it was, so thank you:

A suit and his morning order to go.

So this might seem like a pretty simple business suit to you. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find blokes who wear well-tailored suits!? Goodness please get the word out because our menfolk need to know this: find a suit that fits well in the shoulders, at the cuff (your personal taste whether to go shorter to show cuffs or to hide) and in the trousers. Fabric and print are also so important, if you’re afraid that you might be going the way of the dodgy pinstripe (there are good ones but also some frightening ones out there) opt for safe plain navy or grey like today’s BusiChic. There, go spread the word!

And Melburnians, did you know that there is a Little William Street? I obviously had no clue because I spent ages trying to find it! I even watched this well-suited back turn down a rather small laneway and wondered where he was going until after consulting Google maps, I realised that that small laneway was where I needed to be. That’s Melbourne for you. And in case you’re wondering, Patricia Coffee is located near the corners of Little Bourke and Little William street which is the laneway before Movida Aqui and Earl Canteen.

Happy Monday 🙂


  1. Don’t tell everyone! It’s already too busy and only a few weeks old!

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