How to prep your work wardrobe for Summer!

It’s occurred to me that before I start going into how to commute to work in style, I should first share my tips for preparing your summer work wardrobe for a stylish return to work!

Whether you work in a Corporate, Contemporary Business Wear, Creative or Smart Casual workplace, these are tips that apply to all. Now let’s get started and I hope that you’ll comment and share anything I might’ve missed!

  1. Sun-smart

Air-conditioners dry out the skin so make sure that you use a moisturiser (men | women) and ideally one that has SPF to keep you covered when you’re outside to shield you from extreme UV rays. Lipbalms are important too; did you know that your lips can get sunburnt too?

After the royal wedding last year and Kate Middleton’s stylish turns in hats at formal occasions, I think that we’ll be seeing more hats on the streets. Stylish and sun-smart, I’d love those in Contemporary Business Wear, Creative and Smart Casual workplaces to consider getting a hat this summer, while I can also visualize the look extending to Corporate males, I’m having trouble seeing it work as well for Corporate women in suits – thoughts?

Sources for images of: Charlene Wittstock, The Beckhams, Miriam Gonzalez Durantez and Sophie Winkleman, Lady Frederick of Windsor


  1. Fit, comfort and style.

–          Pull out your summer work wardrobe. For example, business suits in lighter weight materials and colours, cardigans are handy for ladies in conservative workplaces to throw over tank tops and sleeveless dresses.
–          Make sure that your clothes fit you comfortably, work out whether there are any pieces you need to replace or bridge if you’ve put on some weight over the break. And please check how well your clothes fit you! For example, while a baggier shirt might feel easier and breezier, chances are that they make you look like an over-sized child whose mother is trying to skimp on pennies. Make sure that shirts fit you at the shoulder and cuff!
–          Cast a critical eye over your work wardrobe. Yes it’s important to have classic pieces, however are some pieces simply dated? What’s with the green suit? Is that skirt too short?


  1. Clean, iron, mend and shine!

–          Sniff and check your clothes for any smells/stains/splashes/moth holes that need tending to.
–          Make sure that shirts are well-ironed as these babies have a tendency to wilt the heat.
–          Try on your clothes and make sure that all hemlines haven’t fallen/ seams have not or are not on the verge of bursting, all holes are darned and buttons are firmly in place!
–          Polish your shoes to hide any scuffs.
–          Check your workplace dresscode first as many don’t allow strappy sandals for OH&S reasons. If you are able to wear sandals or open toe shoes, make sure that your toes and heels are in good condition: DIY or get a pedicure if not (blokes can get these too).
–          Need to wear closed toe shoes? Make sure that yours are comfortable by lightly pounding the pavement to check then wearing them around the house if a little more breaking in is required.
In all but the most conservative workplaces, on hot days ladies can get away without pantyhose too.


  1. Pack an emergency kit!

To keep in a compact bag and stashed in your workspace, it contains all the things that you might need to keep you looking spick and span at work! Mine consists of fresh mints, panadol, lip balm, facial midst, wipes, dry shampoo and hairbrush, deodorant, perfume sample, band-aids,Hollywood tape, safety pins, needle and thread for anything that suddenly requires mending!

What have I missed? How do you prepare yourself for the return to work in Summer?


  1. I keep a whole bunch of ‘just in case items’ in my drawers at work too, it’s made me the go to girl at work (sometime it is like I am running a general store). I keep similar things to you, but also a travel size anti-static spray, a shoe shine kit (in case of scuffs!) and a sunscreen in case I have to walk to a meeting on a sunny day.

    • “The office general store”, love it!

      And I’m curious about these shoe polish packs you speak of, sounds like something I need to look for and add to my own pack:)

      Thanks for your input, Jess!

  2. I always have a few hair elastics in my desk drawer / handbag. I hate when it’s a sunny morning then by the time you’re ready to stroll home it’s windy and you have to resort to an office rubber band – yeck!

    • Thanks for your input, Meg! You are so right: hair elastics for windy days! I also find them handy just to have on hand if my hair’s getting in the way of work etc as I grow mine out. Well that reminds me that I need to get some more myself, thanks for the handy addition!

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