Lady in a green skirt

Today’s BusiChic had me stumped for categorisation. Is it Creative or relaxed Contemporary Business Wear or the dressier side of Smart Casual? I think it’s a triangle of workplace dress codes that warps into appropriateness across all categories due to the omnipresent heat! What I know is the lady was leaving her office in this ensemble that caught my eye with the pencil skirt in a vibrant hue of green.

A fresh look for summer at work: bring in colour with a bold green skirt

I hate to say this but in Summer I feel that I see so many skirts that I think are just too short. Sure it’s hot but how about opting for better fabrics that breathe in the heat rather than opting for shorter polyester, lycra or spandex; yes? That said I suspect that the skirt today in today’s workwear inspiration is made out of one of these man-made fabrics; she’s just chosen a timeless pencil-shaped style. Personally in an office while I also vary my materials, I always err on the side of knee-length to just about the knee but then I have a complex about sitting down and seeing a whole lot of my own thigh in a work setting!

So I think today’s BusiChic has got the intersection of stylish-skirt-cut to work-appropriateness just about right and I like how she has paired the colour block with a top in a monochrome print which adds an extra but not OTT element of interest. What do you think?


  1. It’s such a fresh and Summery outfit – lovely!

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