Summer in a chic dress

Hey BusiChic,

How are you doing today?

At the time I’m writing this, it’s been a pretty hot day here in Melbourne. I photographed today’s BusiChic who I thought was doing a great job making her way to work in a conservative  environment by walking in sensible flats. While my podiatrist would recommend shoes with a bit more support, I think she’s doing heaps better than all the folks I see wearing super high heels to and from work on hot days – OUCH! Which reminds me of Her Royal-High-Heels, Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex & the City fame who when asked what her secret was to being able to run around in really high heels answered, “I’ve completely destroyed my feet.” This is not a good thing. From personal experience, while you may be moulding your feet into wearing high heels, all it takes is a simple slip for that destroyed feet to feel, well destroyed. I should know – oh how it hurts, so please I implore you to take better care of your feet!

Sophie’s dress and belt were both from Cue, the sandals from Witchery (she always puts her heels on at work,!), wallet is from Mimco and the bag is from Lolla Palooza which Sophie picked up in Australia but is from Argentina.

Sophie’s frock is a great number for wearing to the office then straight out onto drinks and dinner. A great wardrobe staple. Speaking of which, ome of you may know that I’ve started a project where I’m wearing one black dress to work every week for the whole year. This means that I’ll be thinking up 52 different ways I can style my black dress for my Contemporary Business Wear environment.

The thing is, I don’t want this project to be all about me. If you’re wearing a Little Black Dress (LBD) to work, I’d love if you share how you’ve styled it. Whether it’s simple or a la Tiffany (any if that’s appropriate for your workplace!) – there’s a few ways you can connect with me!
email to cheryl[at]businesschic[dot]com[dot]au | Tweet @BusinessChicTV with the hashtag #LBDproject | Post it on Facebook/BusinessChic

And remember that if you ever need inspiration of how to style a LBD for work, there’s this link:

Click here if you would like to see me and all of the BusiChics I’ve photographed in their LBDs for the BusiChic (little) Black Dress Project! #LBDproject


So now it’s over to you, how are you thinking about styling your LBD for work?


  1. Love the color of those sandals? What would you call it exactly… A blush?

  2. She is beautiful, and the dress is perfect!

  3. Love the shape of her little black dress! I’m totally for working in comfy shoes whenever possible! xx

  4. I’ve got a similar style dress that Sophie is wearing, except it’s blue. Love how she’s chosen to wear sandals instead of heels to work, especially in the Summer heat. It’s true, you’re actually torturing your feet by wearing heels when you’re walking long distances in the heat. I know because I did that yesterday (yeah dumb I know) plus they were new ones I just bought because the strap from my original ones broke while I was running for the tram.

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