Summer lovin’ at work

Welcome to a new year of BusiChic!

How was your break?

I’ve spent some time on the holidays tweaking the categories to make the site easier to navigate to find the workwear inspiration to meet your needs. One of the new categories is “Seasons” so that you can find all the outfits for the season you’re in!

<< Click here for all the business chic ensembles for Summer >>


Corporate ensembles  like Michael’s and Jane’s are transeasonal and can be worn throughout the year. In summer head to work early to beat the heat and shelter in the air-conditioning of your office…

Contemporary Business Wear outfits where ladies can go sleeveless in the office like Sharon and Matylda or in more conservative workplaces, just add a cardigan like Meagan and Angie!


Gents you can drop the tie like Rishad, blazer like Licardo or both and roll up your sleeves (after work) like Butch.


Expecting at work? Take inspiration from Sara and Andrea in the Maternity section of BusiChic!

Smart Casual gents might like to top things off with a hat like Luke – I’m yet to find ladies who cover up in Summer quite as smartly…

Creative folks can wear shorts like Martina !


Stay tuned to this week of BusinessChic where I’ll share my tips for getting to work in style. Whether you walk, cycle, drive or take public transport, I’ll be covering the things I look for when scouting for business chics to photograph!

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