The short-sleeved shirt

What is a busy bloke to wear in the sweltering heat of summer?

If you are a Corporate in a conservative environment, might I suggest that you wear a lighter weight fabric suit and get to work early and leave later to avoid the heat of a glaring sun.

If you work in a Contemporary Business Wear environment you could well do the same but are able to leave your blazer and tie at your desk.

If you are in yet a more relaxed environment, you lucky gent have the option of going for a short-sleeved shirt which you might also pair with a tie like today’s Creative, Tegar.

Tegar in an unusual short-sleeve shirt and tie combo

While more often than not, the short-sleeved shirts I’ve spied in practice have been white and paired with a skinny tie for a preppy 50s look. In this shot it looks like Tegar has paired an usual short-sleeved shirt with a pair of work trousers and skinny tie, inspiration for gents in more relaxed offices.

In this full-length image, we see that Tegar has actually paired the shirt with a cropped pant which makes this look more Smart Casual but with an unquestionable flair.

What do you think of Tegar’s look and short-sleeved shirts for gents in Summer?


  1. This looks nice, except the shoes 😉

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