Week 3: LBD & the Art of Furoshiki

It’s week 3 of the BusiChic Black Dress Project and I accessorise my Bento Ruby Little Black Dress (LBD) with a colourful and multi-functional lightweight scarf and handbag.

It’s the height of Summer here in Australia so I need to accessorise my LBD cleverly. This means finding the right amount of layering; not too much that I get hot when out and about but not too little either that I freeze in the air-conditioned confines of the office. So enter the oversized lightweight scarf, mine is from the folks at Country Road who I find are quite reliable at delivering the item in a variety of interesting prints, season after season. I like to throw one on that I can use as a wrap in the office, or simply loop or tie around the neck as shown below in a Contemporary Business Wear ensemble:

Adding colour with a multi-functional scarf and bag.

sunglasses Lost and Found Market which has a brand new home off Smith Street, close to Johnston street dress my LBD is the Ruby frock by Bento  scarf Country Road bag Pigeonhole, also comes in grey and navy! shoes Camper – whoa these babies are on serious sale right now!

make up notes: moisturiser mukti foundation inika eyelash curler Shu Uemera eyeliner Face of Australia mascara DiorShow lippy NARS velvet matte lip pencil in Dragon Girl

The thing about wearing a large scarf is that it can become a rather useful accessory. I learnt this when I watched the clip below featuring an interview with TJ Lefebrve for thelma magazine (relaunching soon!) talking about the Japanese scarf-folding art of Furoshiki that can be used to carry your everyday.

Furoshiki – TJ Lefebvre for Thelma Magazine from Eleven & Twelve on Vimeo.

My Furoshiki attempt at lunchtime:
create an animated gif

I bought some fruit from the market one lunchtime and when offered the choice of a plastic bag, thought I’d put my scarf and Furoshiki skills to the test. Here’s how I did it:

1. Fruit selected, lay out scarf on a flat surface.
2. Mmm summer fruits.
3. Split the two punnets to employ the furoshiki-technique demonstrated by TJ in the above clip and fold the scarf over the top.
4. Place bananas over the scarf but in between the punnets.
5. We’re going a short distance, so I’m popping some apples in the bundle too. Tie the opposite ends of scarf inwards to create a handle.
6. Voila! Furoshiki-wrapped fruit is ready to be transported to the nearest park.

gif creator

Using Furoshiki techniques, my colourful scarf is converted into a handy carry-all to transport my fruit from market to park!

So there you have it, a Contemporary Business Wear ensemble for Summer and and accessory that transforms into a handy carrier! What do you think of the art of Furoshiki? Is it something that you’ll be trying yourself?

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  1. Sharon Spiteri says

    Way to go , this look is simply elegant !

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Fun & elegant!!!

  3. Loved the combination of colours! And it’s always good to be able to use a versatile scarf as a bag too. 😉

  4. This is a great series! I’m big on scarves as well but I’m not sure about the art of Furoshiki, I’m quite clumsy. I really ought to try something like this, or at least take heed of your tips! I’m so glad I found you!

    • Thanks Vanisha, I’ve been loving your blog – it’s totally re-inspired me to look into improving the look and feel of mine!

      Thank you for inspiring me 🙂

  5. LOVE EVERYTHING about this look 🙂 I don’t think I’ve suffered such a deep emotion of (healthy) bag-envy. Splendid!

    • Ha thank you Kish! I thought it was time to show one of the many ways print and colour can be added to a LBD. I’ve gotta recommend the bag too, carries my EVERYTHING! 😀

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