Work after the jumpsuit

I spotted Rebekah during the summer break while most people were away on holidays. Working in design, Rebekah’s job didn’t stop as shown in her stylin’ workwear:

Creative Rebekah rocks a jumpsuit in such a way that I think it'd work it more conservative workplaces too. What do you think?

I like how Rebekah adopts an unusual piece (the jumpsuit) but styles it in safe white, black and tan for a chic work look.

Rebekkah’s jumpsuit was from a small boutique on Chapel Street, the other pieces she’d had for years and the sandals were from Gorman.

Longtime readers of BusiChic might recall that I have a penchant for jumpsuits and onesies, wearing one myself at a colourful cocktail event but also as demonstrated in this LMFF wrap up. I think that Rebekkah’s done a great job of showing exactly how I’d like to wear or see a jumpsuit in the office- what do you think?

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