Coffee and the Corporate

Mmm coffee.

Personally I love the stuff but think that I need to stop drinking it or start on decaf as I’ve noticed that caffeine makes me rather jumpy! How do you take your coffee?

Today’s BusiChic Corporate is sporting a pretty schmick suit that borders on being Polished – which I define as a suit that is so well-cut and in so fine a fabric that you could go to the fashion shows in Milan or the races in it. What do you think of that definition?

Now onto Victor’s corporate attire>


Where do you keep your sunglasses?

A great statement watch with a wide face.

A classic pair of men's business shoes; I love the detail on the edges.

Victor did promise to get back to me with the details of his ensemble so I hope to update this post in due course. Note how his suit fits him well in the shoulders and isn’t overall too baggy which is something that I seem to see a lot that as a business fashion blogger, purplexes me. When in doubt, remember that your suit should make you feel alert, sharp and GAME ON! A suit is not a tracksuit ~ unless you are actually wearing a tracksuit to work in which case you might like this post


  1. Shoes are from Aquila – H by Hudson
    Suit from Soho Workshop
    Slim fit shirt from Soho Workshop
    Tie from Jack London

  2. This is a perfect corporate attire! I love the shoes… Coffee I think is the best partner with people in corporate world! Lol!

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