Couturing and after-work Australian fashion bloggers

Happy Friday, BusiChic! Today I’m sharing the after-work business chic style of some of the Australian fashion bloggers I photographed at the launch of this week.

Founded by Thom Whilton and Lisa Teh, aims to show that Australian fashion blogs are more than regurgitators of overseas content and capable of creating original fashion content that showcases the work of our own industry. A philosophy that BusinessChic shares.

Chic launch party invitations.

And so it was when I made my way to Melbourne’s GPO, after a quick pop into David Jones to pick up some Chanel blotting paper to blot out my office-oily face into some semblance of event-appropriate-mattness (note to self, bring a make-up bag to work for touch-ups prior to an event!); when I was greeted by this vibrant sight:

Stylists, writers and fashion bloggers in attendance at Melbourne's GPO for the launch of

Now quite a number of the fashion bloggers I’ve met work Real Life Jobs and blog on the side. As such while the event itself was filled with all sorts of fashion-fabulousness, I’ve tried to focus my photos on the outfits that I think most transition from office-to-event or would be appropriate for more-conservative-than-fashion-workplace-events.

Afterwork polished chic from Sandi and Sarah

Lisa Teh, co-founder of Couturing in a red-carpet worthy number to launch

A familiar face? I previously featured Lisa in this BusiChic post.

A business chic couple at the launch- note the LBD 😉

Celebrity fashion stylist Philip Boon is dapper in a hat and neck tie.

Thom Whilton, co-founder of

Another business chic couple at the launch of - him in workwear, her in cocktail-chic.

I tried to instragram a photo of a bevvy of fashion bloggers but it didn't work, so here is a few photos of just one of them: Iolanthe of Red Slippers being interviewed for CouturingTV.

I literally only had time to poke my head into this event before I had to dash off to my first French class! Thank you Meagan Harding for this snap of me in my LBD! Eek dear Chanel, please make dry shampoo!

[Meagan Harding Photography]

Couturing launch party in full-swing when I left it - follow me "busichic" on Instagram!



  1. Love the photos of what everyone wore at the party – great inspiration for work to after work events! 🙂

  2. I was wondering where you went off to! Shame we couldn’t have a chat, wanted to get a photo of your outfit, loved it!

    Hahaha the dry shampoo comment made me laugh! (It’s seriously my saviour and best friend)

  3. Cheryl, awesome round-up of a fun night. Keep it up with the French Chic!!!!

  4. Your photos look gorgeous Cheryl!

  5. Christina @ Hair Romance says

    Gorgeous shots! And I love Sandi’s curls.
    This sounds like a great event, love anything that celebrates the unique content of Aussie bloggers.

  6. So much gorgeousness in these photos! I love Lisa’s dress. I’m torn at the moment between following the dress code (themed/vintage) for a function or just going for a office/event transition piece. So many decisions. Cheryl, Business Chic has fast become my favorite daily read <3

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